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  1. hi :) I am currently an RPN in Ontario moving to Alberta and will be practicing there as an LPN. In Ontario I have malpractice insurance through the RPNAO and I am wondering how I can get malpractice insurance as an LPN once I have moved out there. Any assistance would be much appreciated!!!
  2. indyanprincess

    Can licensed RPN of ON work in other province like AB?

    I am currently licensed in Ontario and got my license in Alberta. If you have already written the CPRNE then you just need to contact the CLPNA in Alberta and they will send you the information on how to get your registration in Alberta. You do not have to write another exam but you will have to get a fair number of forms completed from the CNO, your nursing school and your employers if you are working. Good Luck
  3. indyanprincess

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    BCLS is your CPR course. You would have required that for school if you recently graduated. Also if you recently graduated, med administration should have been covered in your education. It will depend on when you graduated etc.
  4. indyanprincess

    changing provinces

    I agree with janfrn. There must be some information that you are not providing us. I just did the opposite and got my registration in Alberta as I am moving there from Ontario. I didnt have to rewrite the CPNRE, just get a verification of registration from the CNO, transcripts and confirmation of my courses from the school that I went to, and I also had to get some paperwork filled out from my employer confirming my nursing skills. But I definetly did not have to rewrite. And YES I had to pay money to the CNO as well as to my school to get the paperwork completed and mailed to the CLPNA.