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  1. RN in training

    The Smelly Coworker

    Coworkers aside, to me this is a pt issue. I personally have a very sensitive schnoz, and when I feel bad or even when I'm on the verge of nausea or head ache, one offensive "stank" can put me over the edge. We shouldn't have to give PRN zofran because we don't want to "hurt our colleagues' feelings." We wouldn't pussyfoot around with them if they were doing something else that worsens pt comfort or outright makes them feel bad, would we?
  2. RN in training

    How long will someone survive after removal of life support?

    God bless all of you struggling with such difficult circumstances. I will add you into my prayers tonight; the loss of a loved one can be so painful. {{{hugs}}}
  3. RN in training

    Friends don't understand ?

    your friend sounds like not the most supportive friend, eh? whatever is important to you (that is healthy for you and helps you grow to be a better person) should be important to her because she loves you. sounds like she is putting her own desires (fun beach weekend) ahead of what is clearly better for you in the long run. she should re-evaluate the way she really feels about you, or you should re-evaluate your friendship with her. and i know it's already been mentioned, but the stop being gay thing? your friend sounds like a tool bag from what little we know of her. you have found your passion, your calling. you know what is best for you, and you rock for having the discipline to view the upcoming weekend as a chance for extra study. that is a serious sign of maturity. that said, make sure you don't cut ALL fun out, because you can reach burn out pretty quickly that way. treat your self sometimes! maybe the two of you could spend a day at the pool or something this weekend as a compromise? and ask your friend about how she wants to be treated by nurses and doctors...would she want a nurse that barely scraped through her classes because she wanted a beach weekend whenever she could get one? you owe it to not only yourself, but your future patients, to take this stuff as seriously as you possibly can (and it sounds like you're on the right track). all that said, yes. i have had this experience. i have lost 2 very close friends (or people who i THOUGHT were close friends) because they got upset that i didn't have as much free time for them once i found my calling and realized how much work is required to become a good nurse. you are not alone, and i promise you that if this friend refuses to try to understand where you are in life, you can make some pretty awesome new friends in your newly chosen field. good luck!!
  4. RN in training

    Can I be a Nurse? Fear of blood.

    try to completely immerse yourself in it. put "gory" anatomy pictures all around your room, kitchen, bathroom mirror, etc. hopefully this might help you get more used to it? eat lunch while watching a surgery show? talk about the amazing way that our amazing bodies work...think about blood components: RBCs, Hb, protein, O2...think about cardio components: myocardial fibers, nodes conducting impulses, valves...if you break everything down and store the information in neat little "boxes" in your head, it will take the grossness out some too. our physiology is amazing, and when you really break it down it helps to get rid of the "ew" factor. for me, anyway...
  5. RN in training

    Medical Staffing Agency Opinion?

    Okay, I'm really sorry I'm blowing up the site about my CNA job search but I feel like there's so much wisdom out there that I want to tap into! My friend suggested using a medical staffing agency to pick up some "sitter" shifts (and some CNA shifts depending on needs of agency) since I'm having some difficulty landing a job at a facility...I'm blessed to the point that I don't really need the job for $$, but I'm more just looking for experience and some on-the-job glances into what my career as a nurse will be like. That said, should I bother with the medical staffing agency? Do you think it will benefit me as far as experience and exposure to the "way things work" in a hospital goes? If you are in favor or opposed to medical staffing agencies, why? Or should I hold out and continue trying to land a job in a facility? Thanks a lot ya'll, have a great night.
  6. RN in training

    I hope I don't offend anyone, but....

    i just laughed out loud over the turd ferguson story loudly enough that my husband wants to know what in the hell could possibly be so funny on my "special nursing school website." hey, reading the thoughts of other people in the field absolutely counts as a part of my nursing education, right? he doesn't need to know that its not exactly school sanctioned...;-)
  7. RN in training

    Starting to feel a little bummed out about finding a summer job.

    Go to http://www.care.com or something like that...get a temporary/part time care job. its not just for nannies, but there are listings for tutors wanted, senior care and special needs care. If you're certified as a nurse aide it will help you get a private care job until you hear from a facility. And consider other options like SNF and ALF...not the most fun necessarily, but if you really are all that desperate, make sure you consider ALL your options (not just your preference). Good luck, keep your head up. What is meant to be will be. :)
  8. RN in training

    Job Search Question?

    Hello! Okay, so I've been trying to get a job as a CNA in one of the 3 major hospital systems in my area for the last 4 months or so...There is no phone number available to call HR about job openings, and it seems that the general idea is they want us to apply online where the job openings are posted. I have been doing that (no, really, I must have submitted at least 30-40 resumes since January) to no avail. Occasionally I will get a "your app has been routed to hiring manager for further review" message, but ultimately every position I've applied for has ended up as "canceled," "closed," or "filled" (or remained in the "pre-screening" phase). I spoke to a nurse at a hospital yesterday (my husband was having ACL surgery so I had LOTS of time to kill between the pre-op, surgery and PACU) and she suggested that I make myself "up" (you know, look nice), print out a handful of resumes, and go around to the area hospitals and literally hand-deliver myself and my resume to each unit. She said that's the best (and probably only) way to make myself stand out these days since most apps come in via internet. What do you guys think about this? I start my nursing school clinicals in the fall, and I'd REALLY like some experience before hand (so I can get rid of some of my nerves). Also, I have heard that it will help my job search as a new grad to have hospital CNA experience (the more experience the better), and I know my graduation date will be here before I know it so I'm hoping to give myself the best odds for quick hiring after graduation. Thanks a lot for any advice you guys can give me, I hope you all have a great day!! :)
  9. RN in training

    Being a Good Nurse Saved Time and Possibly... a life!

    stories like this remind me why i'm working so hard in school to become a nurse. awesome.
  10. RN in training

    Nursing(NA/LPN/RN) vs Medical Assistant***VENT

    If there is no difference between MAs and LPNs, then why do they have different job titles? and why do LPNs make more money? and why do LPNs have a wider scope of practice? and why do institutions offer MA programs AND LPN programs? hah! i'm not even a nurse yet and this steams me. i will not presume to say that i know as much or can do as much as a physician when i am a nurse, and it is unacceptable for someone who is not a nurse to say that they know as much or can do as much as a nurse. there is a reason MDs attend med school, nurses attend LPN or RN programs, and MAs have MA degrees. if you're just as qualified to do the things that LPNs do, then why are you still an MA?! deurrrrrrrrr.
  11. RN in training

    CNA vs Medical Assistant

    thought this might help? http://www.differencebetween.net/science/health/difference-between-cna-and-ma/
  12. RN in training

    Job advice from experienced nurses?

    thank you guys SO much for all your wisdom! its nice to hear that other people had some difficulty getting onboard in hospitals too...i am not alone! my husband is in surgery RIGHT THIS MINUTE actually (ACL repair) and i'm here in a wife capacity but part of me is itchin' to ask around about jobs, haha! nope, we'll save that for another day. i'm here to care take my husband today, NOT a random pt. ;-) thanks again for your advice. i think i will dress up and head out to some area hospitals once i get my husband all situated post-op.
  13. RN in training

    Job advice from experienced nurses?

    Hello nurse men and women! I didn't post here because it's a nursing discussion, but because I want advice from you seasoned nurses who had to start at the bottom just like me... Okay, long story short, I got my CNA license summer 2010. I was taking full time nursing pre-recs for the last year and didn't have time to work but I do now and I really want some experience. I begin my clinical nursing program this fall and am scheduled to graduate with my ADN in May 2013. Here is my series of questions... -If I want to end up nursing in a hospital, will it benefit me to have hospital experience as a CNA (i.e. is it worth my time to bust my hump to get onboard at one of the area hospitals)? It's not that i'm "above" working in a SNF/ALF/etc, I'm just hoping to get a job somewhere that I will learn more about healing/recovery/trauma (from observation but hands-on whenever possible) and from what i've heard, the live-in facilities are more focused on basic ADLs...? -I cannot seem to get called for a job, or even an interview. There are 3 huge healthcare systems in my area, and I've applied online to MANY CNA jobs on the healthcare system websites. The application process is pretty black and white (yes or no questions, license numbers and expiration dates, etc). The only point where I'm able to make myself stand out is where I can attach a resume...My only clinical experience is 40hrs clinical rotation in my CNA class, so I don't have that in my favor but I do have a strong GPA in my classes and a lot of mgt experience in retail. I'm not sure how to compose a resume that will make me appealing to a health care hiring manager?? I have so much to give and so much to learn and I just want someone to give me a chance to show how awesome I can be for a unit, a patient, a charge nurse, a hospital. Any tips on how to get my foot in the door? Please help, I really am a dedicated person and student (and nurse-to-be) but this 4 months of applying and getting NOTHING back is really starting to drag me down...and I don't think it's lack of experience, because 3 of my CNA classmates have been hired on at hospitals now...do you just have to know somebody to get an "in?" Okay, I'm sorry. Thanks a lot for your input, hope you have a GREAT day.
  14. RN in training

    Help: Can't find a CNA job!!

    oh i feel you girl! i'm in the same boat- finished my CNA class and got certified last summer...been applying for positions of like a 60mi radius since mid-january. ready to scream! i know two people from my CNA class (also had no prior CNA work experience, but KNEW someone in the hospital) that have been hired as CNAs in the last 2 months (within 2 weeks of applying for both of them). and worst of all, they didn't seem to take class or clinicals very seriously at all. i am so frustrated, and i think it's really super dumb that you have to know someone to get your foot in the door at a hospital as a CNA with no experience. my 40 hours of clinical experience taught me enough to make me a real asset to any unit, but i can't even get a chance to prove myself. all i want to do is help broken people heal, gosh!! good luck, girl, i really hope you get some good news soon :redpinkhe
  15. A&P classes are generally super detailed and challenging...you HAVE to keep up your studying (cramming doesn't work at all) and literally look at the material every day. but if you're passionate about the material like i am (omg how AMAZING are our bodies?!), buckling down shouldn't be too difficult. my main recommendations: make sure you don't have too much else on your plate while you take the class, and study until your brain falls out ;-). i've known people who have taken it during the summer and done REALLY well, and i've know people who take the full length class and get Cs, Ds and Fs. YOU determine your grade, not the amount of time it takes you to complete the class. if you are committed, you can absolutely make a good grade happen. PS i'm an bio tutor at a community college and if you decide to take it and need some clarification/study tips/memorization tricks, send me a message and i'd be happy to help if i can! good luck girl, tell your dad that if you want an A to happen, it WILL happen.