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  1. serious75

    How to explain being fired??

    sorry for your predicament unfortunately in nursing firing and hiring is like the norm especially in ltc.pray at all times for Gods protection,anyway DEA could get involved at times if such cases are reported to them and especially now when many nurses have been reported to abuse drugs at work places.anyhow you do not have to tell your employer details that only make you questionable(TMI) .use the work place as a ref if you care but HR is limited in the amount of details that they can release about an employee.i wouldnt use them if i though they would affect my next employment but again you can tell them that you worked there but use your coworkers who want to help you as your ref.thats who they will call..best of luck
  2. serious75

    Nursing student needs advice in Nursing Informatics

    my question is how marketable are nurse informatics?i have been in the clinical setting for a while and im honestly unhappy with the bedside care and nurses drama.i want to pursue informatics but im really concerned with the job market.who would honestly know how real jobmarket is like??i dont even know of any nurse who has pursued this path so im kind of clueless .any comment is welcome thanks
  3. serious75

    Starting WGU RN to BSN program August 1st

    Im an RN AAS, and want to apply to WGU for RN to bsn program.does any nurse in washington dc area know if the program is recognized/accredited in dc.would i have any problems if i choose the school l.i understand there are no clinicals. any comment is welcome thank you!!
  4. serious75

    Hesi Exit Test

    duc8ti whats you email ?
  5. serious75

    Hesi Exit Test

    do you have this v6 ?its my next and im so desparate coz i have 1 last chance