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Barret RN

Barret RN

Staff Nurse / Endoscopy

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  1. Barret RN

    To unionize or not...

    No union is perfect, they all have their problems but as a member of one I can honestly say that our patients as well as ourselves have benefited greatly because of it. Most people can site co-workers who use and abuse the system but they are the exception not the rule. Our patients have better outcomes as a result of more manageable assignments and RN's enjoy equitable salary and benefits to match their expertise/skill. Unions = win + win in my mind.
  2. Barret RN

    My feet hurt!

    I would also suggest Keens but the hiking shoe style not "street shoes". Great for wider feet and impact absorption. Danskos gave me shin splints. Most importantly, change your shoes mid shift or daily to give your feet a break. Have a few different pairs available and switch them out. Stretch your gastrocs throughout the day as well!! I've had plantar fasciitis for 16 months and have learned all this the hard way! Good luck...