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  1. crazdmomof4

    RN--TO LPN

    We are having just the opposite problem where I work. A bunch of new RN's have been hired and there is rumors circulating it has to do with the way our facility is billing medicare for nursing costs (sometimes they get a little creative) so now the DNS is moving toward more RN's. Its terrifying for me because I make excellent money here and love my position. I'm more than a little nervous right now.
  2. crazdmomof4

    Ethical dilemma at work?

    There is also the ethical dilemma of saving or preserving the life she is possibly carrying. Can you hesitantly broach the subject with her by being vague? Just to see where her thought process is at? I don't envy you your position. Is she alert enough to reason with?
  3. crazdmomof4

    I finally scheduled my first exam

    Don't feel bad, I put mine off until I couldn't stall anymore. I took it today, and was pleasantly surprised. I used studygroup 101 and fundamentals of nursing review by prentice hall, and only had 2 weeks to study ( I am the worlds worst procrastinator) I walked away with a B (barely but for 2 weeks not bad). I also did the pretests that excelsior offers. I wish you the very best, and no matter what you "can" do it!! Just go for it.
  4. crazdmomof4

    Hydrocolloid dressings Vs. Hydropolymer

    I am trying to figure out which dressing is less damaging to skin and need input. I have a patient using hydrocolloid dressings at the moment, however, whenever they are removed, intact skin comes with it. Which is defeating the purpose. Wound description: Right posterior lateral thigh wound 1x1.5cm wound (pressure sore) pt is 450 lb and obese area around wound is dry with fragile and elephant like skin. Skin is irritated and peeling due to dressing adheasion. wound has minimal drainage, wound bed with good vascularization no necrotic tissue noted. Area supperior to wound is minimally blanchable. Have any of you used hydropolymer dressings what are the differences in the two? or do you have another suggestion. I would like to prevent the surrounding skin from breakdown due to the dressings.
  5. crazdmomof4

    Calcium Alginate Rope with silver

    You seem very informed, so I have a question. I normally work in a nursing home, but recently decided to do home wound care. I am an LPN and have experience in the nursing home with wounds, but I am in new uncharted territory. I was given a client to do wound care on who is 450 LBS and currently they are doing a hydrocolloid dressing on her with tegaderm covering. The doc has left it up to the nurses, and the owner of the agency without looking at the wound has decided on the current treatment. This being my first day the nurse training me asked for my advise on possible other treatments. At the time the only thing I could suggest was skin prep to the surrounding area of the wound because her skin is fragile and tearing with each dressing removal. A very informed nurse that I work with at the nursing home suggested silver nitrate which I think is a very paulsable idea since the wound has very little drainage and its a q3d dressing change currently. Do you or anyone else have any other suggestions that would promote healing (according to the pt this wound has been ongoing for 2 years). The pressure area itself is maybe 1x1.5cm the skin around the area is mildly blachable with fragile and elephant like skin. Any suggestions or advise would be very appreciated.
  6. crazdmomof4

    Phasing out LPN's.

    I think nurses wouldn't be so outraged if CMA's were not referred to as "NURSES" in the doctors offices. I cannot begin to tell you how many times my kids pediatrician office calls their MA a "NURSE" you are not nurses, do not have the assessment skills a nurse does, nor the experience with medications a nurse does. Yet your scope of practice, and what MA's end up doing is so very different. I have yet to have a MA referr to themselves as only a MA and not nurse. You talk about our egos... if MA's want the lable of nurse go to school and get it. I was actually expected to take coumadin dosing orders from a MA. Let me tell you it will be a cold day somewhere when I take an order from someone who a- isn't licensed to give orders. and b- has less experience and knowledge than me. If that makes me egotistical so be it, but patient care is at stake and patients are suffering for incompitent medical care.
  7. crazdmomof4


    I feel for you. Some times, just the smallest things seem like the largest hurdles. I spent 3 years jumping through hoops at my local community college just to try to get into their nursing program. However, they kept changing gpa requirements adding more curriculum, it was so frustrating, I entered a tech college who was reputed to have no pre-requs for their LPN program, and an above excellent reputation. They had optional pre reqs that would get you at the top of the list but I opted to not do them and just hound the admissions counselor for weeks. It worked for me, but I always 2nd guessed myself. Long story short I got in, but I can relate to your frustration. I truly wish the National Nurses Association, would just come up with a standard set of pre-requs so us students can dispense with the migraines, High Blood Pressure, ulcers. I wish you the best no matter what choice you make, but english seems like a small price to pay for a bigger pay check.
  8. crazdmomof4

    Starting Study Group Website

    Hey all, I have thought alot lately about how hard it is to stay motivated with studying, expically when there are so many other things I could be doing online. Especially once I log onto here. Anyhow, I have had a strong desire to be able to collaborate with other EC students, so I decided to set up a website that is strictly for studying. I have set the website to login and password protection, simply because I hate phishing and spaming. Please PM me if you are interested in joining. I don't want to be the only nurse on the island. Crazdmomof4
  9. crazdmomof4

    just scheduled NC1 and need advise on studying

    did the ATI supplements help you. I used them in my LPN class and some of the books had errors on labs and pathophys if I remember correctly.
  10. crazdmomof4

    Disrespectful Nurse aids

    OMG are we working at the same facility. I went to my DNS about the same problem and got the same lecture. I truly hate being the bad guy / nagging nurse. But I am at a loss as to what else to do. I feel your pain and frustration.
  11. crazdmomof4

    16 month old nurse needs advise / help on managing aids

    I do put residents to bed, toilet, answer call lights etc. I was an aid for 10 years and know how hard and unappreciated their job is. I always start with "if you have time" or "if you need help let me know" Its just that lately we are getting hit with aids who either can't manage their pts and want you to do it for them, or they flat out tell you they won't. Sunday one actually said to me if "I don't want to do it I will just tell you to go to heck" completely serious. I replied "yes, you can say that, but then I would tell you to go home." I have talked to my DNS and went and bought several books at barnes and noble about team building and motivation. I took a week off, will be back to work this Friday I could see it if it were just me having this problem, I would then question my attitude, but its all the nurses on my wing, which has lost all regular staff to the VA home which pays much better. We have 2 potlucks a month which the nurses host between the 200 and 100 (my hall) we do pizza fiests or such just to let our aids know how very much they are appreciated. I just don't know what to do to motivate them to do their jobs competently. I defentately don't want to be the nurse who trails after her aids nagging them to do their job. I am hoping my books will help. I have already gained several ideas. Will implement them Friday hopefully with good results.
  12. crazdmomof4

    16 month old nurse needs advise / help on managing aids

    obviously I gave the very wrong impression. I have dealt with these issues for over 3 months. I have also worked 36 hrs in the last 3 days. I have been called a good nurse by most of the aids I work with. I have asked management for help and better training because I don't enjoy having to trail after my aids making sure care is being given. When a dying patient goes 5 hrs with no care there is a problem there that needs to be addressed. I talked to the particular aid who did this 2 x's about this problem and never wrote him up, I encouraged, told him and others that if they had any problems or needed anything they needed to let me know so that I could address it or help them. I don't normally write anyone up, or yell or harass. There are better way, but when this is continous, with management turning aids out without adequate training, or you are being told what care the aid will and will not provide, there comes a point when you have to say something or do something. I was hoping for suggestions on how to encourage and motivate, but obviously my frustration over 3 months of poor training and staffing is coming out with me being a less than favorable person. But lastnight when I had to revamp the runs for 19 pts between 2 aids and was told by one with 30 some years experience that if she didn't her run she would just tell me to go to heck, what is my response supposed to be?
  13. crazdmomof4

    16 month old nurse needs advise / help on managing aids

    I am not on a power trip or do I need to get over myself. I have tried encouragement, my aids normally only have 7-10 residents, which is below most LTC standards. I have warned, encouraged, helped. I do not have time to care for up to 23 pts, meds, treatments, and train aids to do their job. That is a management issue. I have asked the nurse manager for help with staffing / training, the ADNS who is in charge or the aids, the CNA instructor, and tomorrow will talk to my DNS. However when care isn't being provided most of a shift, residents are being left on bedpans for over 1 hr and staff tell me a run of 7 residents isn't their problem what am I as a nurse who is responsible for care supposed to do?
  14. crazdmomof4

    16 month old nurse needs advise / help on managing aids

    They are getting training however, the problem is they aren't being trained well enough or long enough. Which, I have told the ADNS, tomorrow I approach it with the DNS. I would have no problem not writing them up, however when I am flat out being ignored, what do I do?? I have tried the encouragement, I was even working side by side with them last night as an aid. Charting didn't get done till the very wee hrs in the morning. I have told management repeatedly they need to train them longer. But my full time aid has 8 + months @ an out of state facility and at our facility for over 2 weeks. I am worried about my license. We were hit with a neglegence fine 2 weeks ago. Lastnight we were 3 aids on my hall, the 3 day aid being trained by another full time aid, however, management had no clue she was short shift, 2-8pm and left with no notice to me. The trainee informed me that no one had the middle run, and it wasn't her responsibility. This 3 day trainee also has experience as an ER tech, aid, Phlebotomist so I'm not dealing with completely new. I like the list with time frame thing though. Any other suggestions?
  15. sorry for the post, I very obviously gave the wrong impressions and am sorry to have upset and offended.
  16. crazdmomof4

    What do you do when....

    I try to remember I still know more than the average bear. However, that backfired on my when inserting an iv on an icu nurse's dad recently. I still shake like a leaf on a tree when doing that. But I try and give general explanations that aren't too overwhelmingly detailed, and when its a really big "no clue" moment, I tell them I am not sure but I can call the dr and discuss it with him / her or I will find out. Then I high tail it to a nurse I trust that I work with. Or I do call the Dr. and explain thier concerns / questions.