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  1. My son was diagnosed at age 3 with bipolar and severe adhd. he has been on resperidol and focalin xr also on clonodine to help him sleep at night due to the fact all he was sleeping was about 3 to 4 hours a night if i was lucky. Now he is on the highest dose they are capable of giving him but I am having problems with him being very uncontrollable. I cant get him to listen to calm down or anything. He is starting to punch walls and anything close to him again including his sister. I have tried spanking, time outs and all other types of discipline i have read or heard about that is not a saftey issue for my son. Also I have a daughter thats almost 4 she has been diagnosed with adhd but is not able to be on meds due to a new law passed after my son had already been placed on meds. and Her behaviour has worsened as well. She is starting to hit her brother with toys and not soft ones either. choking him pinching scratching and just about everything else. Bipolar disorder runs super strong in the family so i am starting to think she is developing it as well. What can I do to get them under more control. I cant even go to my college classes without worrying they are goin to hurt someone again. My son hurt my mother tonight due to his lack of care when told to stop doing something.