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cyram81RN has 11 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in OB/Gyn, FP, Peds, Public Health.

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  1. cyram81RN

    UWF FNP Program Fall 2020

    You will do fine. Make sure you have a 60-day calendar to write out your assignments or utilize icalendar from apple or Google calendar to sync your assignments for each class so that you know when they are due. So you won't get caught off guard, as I did a couple of days ago submitting 5 assignments by 1 am EST (school is CST). I work per diem in a clinic to keep my skills up while going to school. But Summer semesters are tough because of shorter times and cram assignments in 13 weeks rather than 16 weeks.
  2. cyram81RN

    UWF FNP Program Fall 2020

    No, there is no white coat ceremony. That's for pharmacy, medical, and physician assistant programs. Whitecoat ceremony was initially for medical school in 1993 when the medical students start clinical and recite the Hippocratic oath. Our school is not that big, small campus and class setting. I don't care for it, more money to spend when you shouldn't have to in my opinion. I know that I have some of the best classmates to lean on when I need motivation so far. We are a cohort of 20-25 students, and you will see a mix of MSN-FNP or MSN for educator or MSN executive in and out. It's awesome to see what each person's background is like and what they bring to the table. I will have exactly 1 year to graduate from July 30, 2021. Who's counting? I cannot believe how fast time was flying since November 2020, when I started researching for my schools. Dr. Thomas is the best!
  3. cyram81RN

    FNP Preceptor Needed

    Also you can check this website to see if they can connect you with a preceptor. https://www.hirenurses.com/connecting-nurse-practitioners-students/
  4. cyram81RN

    I passed the AANP

    Thank you for the tips and advice!
  5. cyram81RN

    How many applications did you complete?

    I applied to 3 BSN to DNP, BSN to MSN and didn't get in and it was the 4th try I got into UWF school. But I had to choose state universities because I work for the state and I get tuition reimbursement.
  6. cyram81RN

    Best NP Review Course

    Thank you!! Yes, I remember doing about 12K questions for 3 months before the NCLEX and it was my 2nd go around and passed with 75 questions. So I didn't know how this would be for this type of licensure exam.
  7. cyram81RN

    FNP Programs

    Two courses per semester, but since this is my first semester I am taking my classes out of order. But you can start as soon as all your paperwork is in order. In my previous post, I attached the plan of study it is a full time FNP. I'm taking the 3rd semester portion on the plan of study right now and then this fall I'm taking the health assessment and lab and population health promotion and mgt. So that will be a bit tight with my schedule since I work weekdays.
  8. cyram81RN

    FNP Hopeful

    I agree with umbdude. I repeated a few courses in my ASN program to boost my GPA before applying for my bachelors and master's program. Reach out and see if there are extras that you can submit in order to improve the chances of being accepted. I totally screwed up my undergrad with 2.8 GPA and transferred out to another school and repeated some classes for my ASN and brought it to 3.2 GPA. Stay positive. I'm sure you will find a school that is right for you. Good Luck!
  9. cyram81RN

    Best NP Review Course

    How much time in advance would you recommend to prep for the NP exam with Amelie Hollier's review? I wanna see if there is something I can purchased to do some case studies along the way before the time creeps up on me. I like to prepare a few months in advanced since I have test anxiety and I need to time myself for each question like I did with NCLEX 9 years ago.
  10. cyram81RN

    Starting NP School this Fall

    and this carrying case to hold "Canboc Stethoscope Carrying Case for 3M Littman Classic III, Lightweight II S.E, MDF Acoustica Stethoscopes, Mesh Pocket fit Nurse Accessories Medical Reflex Hammer LED Penlight, Caribbean Blue" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K6CCLLF/?coliid=I3LV6YSWKVQ9Y5&colid=1AF7FQCA7RWSB&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  11. cyram81RN

    Starting NP School this Fall

    I bought this H and P book from amazon to assist me with my clinicals. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HU696MY/?coliid=I1FCVKWPV0XVZF&colid=1AF7FQCA7RWSB&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  12. cyram81RN

    FNP Programs

    Completely online, 28 months from start to finish. 45 credits. I am in my first semester and all I can say it is a white glove service so far. I am a student at University of West Florida in Pensacola. They just released this MSN FNP program just last year and so far I am currently taking Adv Pharmacology and Evidence Based Practice and loving it. It's been awhile since I took online classes 2014 to be exact and the enrollment specialist helped me get all my paperwork in order. I'm a clinic nurse and it's awesome so far, right now the only downside is that you have to find your own preceptor which I am currently looking for. I have found my womens health and ped preceptor and I need to find my FP preceptor and I will be golden. FNP Plan of Study.pdf
  13. cyram81RN

    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    PMHNP has scholarships and loans repayment programs that will assist you financially once you obtained those credentials behind your name.
  14. cyram81RN

    UCF Traditional and Accelerated BSN-2014

    Should take about 2-3 weeks give or take. I received my acceptance email and then I received another email "TERM YR(FA12) RN to BSN Admission Decision" two weeks after. IF you follow the directions on the email correctly, it shouldn't take long. Best to sign up for orientation as soon as possible because seats fill up fast and so does the classes.
  15. cyram81RN

    UCF Traditional and Accelerated BSN-2014

    the early orientation the better, you may get first dibs on classes. =)
  16. cyram81RN

    UTA online FNP ! Yay!

    I was looking into this program and barry university (orlando campus). if the price tag is what it is, I may have to reconsider the option because one of my coworkers informed me that it is online classes, but she would have to fly out there to do the skills test and exams. something along that line.