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  1. Lilsweetpea

    LPN to RN programs online.

    Hi Everyone, Ive been an LPN for over a year and want to bridge over to RN but don't know of a lot of options in Southern Oregon. Can you please tell me if you know of any programs in Oregon that are bridge programs and if they are partially online? I know I will need to travel to do clinicals. Also anyone who went through Excelsior and graduated whats your opinion on the program? Thanks.
  2. Lilsweetpea

    Vodka tampons?!?

    I heard about this a month or so ago on the Stephen Colbert report and thought it was a joke.
  3. Lilsweetpea

    RCC? Anxiously waiting!

    So did u get in? Any word how many applied this time around?
  4. Lilsweetpea

    Southern Oregon nursing program questions

    Thank you both for the information. I was expecting more responses but maybe the site is not well known in this part of Oregon. It is good to hear you were accepted into both programs. It gives me some hope that it may not take forever to get in once I apply. I hope to get in at RCC and than transfer to SOU to get my BSN. Have a great day.
  5. Lilsweetpea

    Southern Oregon nursing program questions

    Hi Everyone, Im a newbie to this site and currently working on my pre-reqs right know. I was looking for some detail about the nursing programs here in Southern Oregon, I usually only hear about up north in the Portland area. I would love to hear from people going to SOU,RCC or OIT. Whats your opinion of the programs, how many years did you apply before getting in, what your gpa is, how many people were accepted with you in the program and how many applied when you where accepted. Any other interesting details would be awesome. Thank you for your input.