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  1. boston HD

    HSS 411 please

    i was wondering if anyone had any opinions on Hospital for Special Surgeries as a nurse, i went to the open house last week and got called back for an interview, i come from a very fast paced ortho floor in a boston hospital, and i just wanted to get some feedback from anyone who may have some experiance at this hospital who could give me a little advise about it. thank you
  2. boston HD

    How to gain experience!!??

    i dont think getting you CNA is necessary if your a nursing student, i would start applying for aid jobs in boston there called PCA's (at MGH) if you have one clinical under your belt it will help. getting an aid job while in school with also help with possibly getting hired on to your floor once you grad. good luck
  3. thank you, a couple of months ago i called a few of the NYC hospitals to see if there as anyone to talk to or tell me a little about the institutions and that i was comming from out of state and hopping to move, every place told me to apply for ajob, however i got transfered to the right person at Cornell and they met with me gave me a tour of the hopspital and different floors and let me ask questions. It was a great experance, but i was wondering if i had the much trouble asking who to even contact how do u get the recruiters( whom im guessing i can find online?) to receive my paperwork, i am aware you need a badge to even step into the hospital through security.
  4. boston HD

    Which hospitals to recommend in NYC?

    NYlady, thank you so much for all of this advise, this is the first time i am really applying for jobs and have to take different things into concideration because i got hired for the job i have now before i even graduated. im looking foward on applying to the NYC hospitals and pray for an interview. anything else you could think about, about any of the Manhatten hospitals will be great, thank you again for all of your advise.
  5. boston HD

    Which hospitals to recommend in NYC?

    thank you for all the advise, regarding all of the union/ non-union stuff, how would i look into something like that? i work at a non-union hospital in boston and i love it and i know some that work at union ones and hate it (i know its a diff state). i was mostly looking into the big hospitals because i work at one now so i never looked outside of the big ones, im going to apply to a bunch and take my chances with what i get. thank you for all of the help
  6. congrats on your new grad!! yes I have a BSN, the hospital i work at now is Magnet also, which is very good to know about the other hospitals because i did not know that. thank you
  7. i am a rn at mass general hospital in boston i have been an rn for 1 year come april ( i was going to wait until then to start applying) i have also been an employee of the floor i was hired on for 4 years. i am looking for a move and would love to move to nyc. i have been looking at nyu, hss, columbia and cornell for what they have available for jobs (i met with patient services at cornell and they showed me around the hospital it was amazing). i was wondering how the job market is at these hospitals lately? and with one year of experience (i will also be getting acls certified if that even matters) what my chances could be getting a job? also if there are any other hospitals in manhattan to recommend, i am coming from a very big city/teaching hospital and i would like to work in a similar place. also what the pay would start at (and maybe night-diff, a lot of jobs i've seen are 12 hr nights, i also work rotating day/night shifts now), i'm looking into apartments and i'm not sure what i would make to figure what i can afford for living. also if anyone has advice on one bedroom apartment searching in manhattan. any moving/working/living advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated and very helpful. :)
  8. boston HD

    Which hospitals to recommend in NYC?

    i am a one year out RN at mass general hospital in boston and i would like to work in NYC, i am looking in manhatten and i know the nursing world is pretty tough with jobs but i was wondering if anyone had any advise which hospitals to rechommend. my top choices are NYU, HSS, columbia and cornell. also what a new nurse salery would be and possibly what the night diff is? im trying to look for jobs and possible apartments so wha my possibl new income may be would be very helpful. also if anyone has any advise at all about moving/working/living in the city it would also be very helpful and i would be very greatful :) thanks