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    Utah suffering severe nurse shortage

    Hi there The nursing shortage is worldwide. I live in New Zealand and we have a huge crisis on our hands. One major hospital has 250 vacancies. We are having to recruit from overseas, but money is hardley a lure ! I was out of nursing for 4 years (extended maternity leave!) I have just returned to a hospital on their bureau.. They are very flexible with the hours. I usually do 6-11pm. Suits me well. When I graduated in 92 I couldnt get a job anywhere here, there were no jobs for new grads, I had to go to Australia to get some experience. What a huge turn around ! I am on $20 per hour. How does that compare to others hourly rates? Seeyou Kate :) :) :)
  2. astragirl

    new zealand nurse

    Hi My first time posting. I am a nurse in Auckland. I was out of nursing 4 years while my kids were really little, I have just gone back. Talk about scary ! I feel like a new grad agai. Its amazing how fast your confidence goes. I am working on the bureau wihin the one hospital, great learning, but miss the patient continuity. Woud love to hear from anyoneelse wo has been out of nursing and just gne back. Cheers Kate:)