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  1. tax home question

    I'm an RN in Houston, Texas and I'm starting to research travel nursing. My question is about tax homes. I own my own home and it is paid off. Since I am not currently paying mortgage or rent, does that mean that I don't have a tax home? I'm guessing...
  2. i'm doing a careplan & concept map on a patient with pvd (neuropathy, leg ulcers, cellulitis, the whole shebang) and one of the comorbs is end-stage renal disease. thus, one of my nursing diagnosis is impaired tissue perfusion r/t diminished oxyg...
  3. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    It was $50 for my class. Once you register for classes, the $50 is "returned" to you by being deducted from your total tuition.
  4. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    When you get your actual acceptance letter, it will include a form that you have to sign and send back with your deposit.
  5. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Make it work. You can do it. :)
  6. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Spring, you can apply as Fresh Start and meet the Jan 15 deadline. You can finish your classes over the Spring and Summer semesters. You don't have to have completed ALL the prereqs before you apply.
  7. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Why can't you take classes in the Spring & Summer and graduate in August?
  8. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Here's the official info on Fresh Start: You have to let the school know you're applying under Fresh Start before the application deadline for your semester. The o...
  9. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Additionally with Fresh Start- if you're *accepted* to a BSN program after applying as a Fresh Start candidate, any Graduate (Master's/PhD) program you apply to will also count only your coursework taken within the last 10 years. So if you're thinkin...
  10. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Amymit, I was a Fresh Start applicant. My (not so successful) 1st attempt at college was 1997-2001. Mostly C's and a few D's. Around 2003 I got my you-know-what in gear, finished my degree in February 2004 with mostly A's, and was able to raise my GP...
  11. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Hi everyone! I hope you're all starting to hear lots of good news! I have been AWOL for a while because things got crazy and all of a sudden I had 5 tests in 3 weeks! I haven't read any of the previous posts up to this point, so apologies if this is...
  12. Priority assessment..Respiratory or cardiovascular?

    My professors continually drill it into our brains that the correct order is ALWAYS 1. Airway 2. Breathing 3. Circulation 4. Pain So I would choose Breathing before Circulation. The reason is that the untreated SOB will kill you before the untreated...
  13. My patient has megaloblastic anemia. During my clinical it hadn't yet been diagnosed as B12- or Folate-deficiency. My assignment is "Find 5 nursing diagnoses based on 1 medical diagnosis; prioritize those 5 nursing diagnoses in order of urgency, and ...
  14. UTHSC (Houston) Spring

    Mag, I got it! :) I'm getting ready for my 1st clinical today :w00t: so I'll write you back later tonight. I've talked about some of your questions in some of my previous posts- go back to page 28 and then read forward and look for some of my longer ...
  15. At this point, the bill is still in committee and it's nowhere near being voted on. There aren't going to be any easy answers to questions 1-3 because all those issues are exactly what's being researched and debated in committee. So my guess is th...