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    UNMC or Morningside College?

    I'm graduating from High School this year and am having some difficulty choosing which school to attend. I've applied, and have been accepted into UNO and Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. If I attended UNO the Nursing program I'd prefer to transfer to is UNMC. Do you think I should attend UNO and then transfer to UNMC? Or should I attend Morningside College? Pros for Morningside - Program is spread over three years, not including the on year for pre-reqs. - I would only be taking 4 classes each semester. - Can take an elective (like art) each year. - They loan us a laptop. - They have something called a May Term, it's about 3 weeks long, and offers me a lot of travel abroad opportunities. Cons for Morningside - 75% NCLEX pass rate. - About $30,000 per year. - I don't currently have a car. Pros for UNO/UNMC - UNO is $6,000 or $14,000 depending on whether I stay in the dorms. - 95% NCLEX pass rate. Cons for UNO/UNMC - Can't take any art electives. - 38 classes total compared to Morningside's 29. (Not actually sure if that's good or bad...) - Don't have access to a computer at home.