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  1. PA!? what else is out there?

    OP - It really depends on what state you are in. I have a friend that is a PA and the doc she works for uses PA and NP equally. PA's do not have to choose a specialty whereas NPs do. In some states NPs can work independently and PAs can't. I have bee...
  2. Kind of new to ICU

    Congrats on you new job! I am in the same situation you are. I am graduating in May and did my preceptorship in an ICU where I got a job. I am also very excited but nervous at the same time :) Good luck with you new job!!!
  3. Giving Nursing Students a Taste of NICU

    I was able to go to the NICU for 3 days in my OB/Peds rotation. The nurse I had was awesome! She explained things to me, let me change diapers, and let me give a shot. One day we got to help set up IV lines and help get a baby ready for a surgery. It...
  4. May Graduate--Applying for jobs

    I am also graduating in May. I have talked to a couple of PCCs and CNOs. They have told me to start applying in March so that is what I plan to do. Good luck!
  5. One carpal spasm question-please guess

    its b because of low calcium levels. just had a question like this in my med-surg class
  6. I was told it doesn't matter what state you take the NCLEX in. I know people who took a trip to another state to take the NCLEX, but were not moving to that state. Hope this helps some.
  7. Quit I'm afraid I won't get back in!

    i quit my nursing program after the first semester of clinicals. i finished the first semester and did pretty well, but i wasn't sure it was what i wanted to do. i went and got a biology degree and then decided nursing really was what i wanted to do....
  8. Preparing for ATI

    I just study the ATI book when studying for the ATI tests. Also, we get codes for practice tests for the section we are taking the tests in. After taking the practice test you can print out the results with areas that you need to go back and review. ...
  9. I buy mine from Barnes and Noble. I use my discover card to buy them so I get 10% back (right now they are offering 15% back) and its free shipping if you are a member. I buy new books because I dont like lots of highlighting in the books and I have ...
  10. Question: Pediatrics Course

    hey, i just got done with my peds semester. our tests were somewhat similar to what you are explaining with being tested on age group. definitely know your psychosocial and how a adolescent, toddler, or infant would react in a certain situation or a...
  11. IV infusion confusion

    I might be able to clarigy a little bit. As far as your Heparin question. You would have to either use two different pumps or the pumps we have in the hospital you can run two lines at different rates, but in your example you could not hook up the he...
  12. My school does random drug test. We had to do one last semester and we were told in class that day. We had 24hrs to get it done and the school gave us a list of places we could choose from. We had to use one from the list and the prices varied from $...
  13. Help with math problem and ANC

    1.the bolus would be 64 ml. (20 ml/kg x3.2 kg). The rate would be 10.7 or 11 ml/hr. (80 ml/kg x 3.2 kg = 256 ml/day divided by 24 hr = 10.66) Not sure on 2
  14. I forgot to date and time an iv bag

    IV bags are usually only good for 24 hrs so i would assume that whoever notices that there is no date or time will take that one down and put a new one up with it labeled.
  15. NP vs PA for me personally?

    It depends on what you want to do. I have a friend that is a PA and works with NPs that pretty much do the same role as her, but this is not always the case. I chose NP over PA because I can get a job after nursing school and work my way through NP s...