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  1. Introductions

    9WU has 21 beds and is still looking for a staff -- we currently run a census around 10 -- yes the unit is mainly Gynecology, but we hope to expand that in the next few months -- One other hope for Students -- we do not hire new grads on our unit as ...
  2. Introductions

    this looks like a great way for us to keep in touch throughout the state -- Am currently working on a new unit in Boise -- 9WU @ St. Luke's -- It's the Women's Unit and should be unique to the area -- I look forward to seeing who posts replies and co...
  3. ED Acuity Systems

    Jill, you said exactly what I did when given this project. Currently the system in use is one of trending. I understand there are systems out there, but am having difficulty locating them.
  4. ED Acuity Systems

    Thanks for responding. I'm not sure about the 5 tiers of the system, but your list looks like it would fit. I am looking for the names of particular systems that are actually being used. The acuity system also should able to work into the staffing...
  5. ED Acuity Systems

    Just wondering if someone has information on Patient Classifications for ED's. I'm looking specifically for 5 tier systems. Am working for my BSN after 15 years and need it for a senior project.....due end of Oct. 02 If you can help THanks in advan...
  6. Forced to float?

    To read what each of you has written is enlightening. I read this BB because I wanted to see if Maternal Child nurses were as frustrated with floating into Med/Surg as I am at having to float into their field. At the institution where I work -- our ...
  7. As a veteran in the nursing battle field for 14 years, I think RN is all that is needed on a badge. My years of working as an RN have given me the experience over a new grad with a BSN. What is disheartening is the fact that just because they have t...
  8. nurse-patient ratio

    I work on a 35 bed med-surg unit that is more surg than med. Each of the rooms are private. It seems ideal but it is hard to take the 5+ new surgical patient assignments when the patients are so far apart. We generally have 1:5 on days (12 hour sh...
  9. Looking for nursing websites? Can you help? This website may have some links that can help you. It is Canadian but could be useful.