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  1. LicensedPracticalDJ

    Mildred Elley lpn student trying to transfer

    What are they saying? I'm transferring my credits over to Maria from M.E. and they are accepting them.
  2. LicensedPracticalDJ

    Mildred elley lpn program

    Yep...it's exactly the same at the Albany campus. Glad I got out quick.
  3. LicensedPracticalDJ

    Mildred Elley, Clinicals and Credits

    Here's an update: I withdrew from this school at the end of May... Reason 1: Told one thing in the beginning, in the end it was something completely different. Reason 2: Which was really just a gripe, was the fact that our textbooks (although brand new) were not the best for pursuing a career in nursing. More like summaries in, somewhat, thin paperbacks. Reason 2: People finally made moves about my unwanted Medical Assistant schedule only after I decided to withdraw. Ok, it's a lengthy one so bare with me....My third semester began and I was told -in the beginning by the admissions rep- that I will sit out for the this semester. The third semester will be all Medical Assistant courses, which I do not need. I was to then show up again by the end of July when Nursing classes began. The semester came and as told, I did not show up. One week later I received an email from the department chair of Medical Assisting stating that I will be dropped from all my courses (which will affect my financial aid) if I did not show up by next Monday. What the heck was going on? I wrote her an email of what I was told by my admissions rep, aka salesman, and the dept. chair said she did not receive word of this. I then sent an email to the dean and he reassured me that I will sit out for this semester as long as I hand in my application for the nursing program . Mind you, I was not told about this by my admissions rep, but instead told that I will go straight into the nursing program after I finish my Med. Terminology course (all my other credits were completed for the nursing program). I wish I was told about this application from when I first stepped foot in the admissions office. I was told I would be considered an MA student so that I could take the Med Term course, and I would then be transfered over to the Nursing program. I even went to the MA dept. chair's office and told her what was going on... her response? "Does it say 'Medical Assitant student' on your class schedule?" Me: "Yes" Dept. chair: "Well then you're in the Medical Assistant program." Me: ::walks out of office:: I sent the dean an email but received No Response. I then showed up on Monday, sat through a class (seething with anger) that was of no use to me and once class was over I shot the MA dept. chair another email. This time, the email simply stated "How do I go about withdrawing completely?" The MA dept. chair promptly replied "Do you mean withdraw from your courses? Not withdrawing from the school completely, right? I want to be sure I understand. Maybe I can help??"......My how things have changed... That's when I sort of lost it and gave her a piece of my mind...only because she was now being nice to me and wanted to help, Please. As for my email, I will say that it began with "Yes, I want to withdraw from this school COMPLETELY" and it ended with "I was not being helped then and I'm pretty sure you cannot help me now. You too would be upset if not only was your future on the line, but thirty-thousand dollars was as well." After receiving no response from the dean and the dept. chair, and knowing that time was ticking before I would be charged for this semester...I asked my boss to leave 2 hours early, and off I went heading straight to the dean's office. I found out that the MA dept. chair forwarded my email to the dean and he said that he understood why I would be upset. He then proceeded to tell me "If you stay with us, I will immediately put you on a leave of absence. Come September when nursing classes start, you will then be placed in the nursing program" Me: "So nursing classes now start in September and not in July?" Dean: "Yeah, it's been pushed back...terribly sorry about that" Me: "Oh ok. I was wondering because there was no announcements or anything" Me: "What about that application and having to first be accepted into the program" Dean: "Well since you handed in the application, I can go tomorrow and check to see if you were accepted, but I will assure you that you will not have to attend this semester and waste time in MA courses." Now I'm thinking he's telling me all of this, yet I may not even be accepted into the damn program... even with straight *$^##$* 'A's. I told him to give me a minute and let me think about this and weigh my options: -Thirty grand was supposed to give me no-waiting list whatsoever...at least that is the case with private colleges...then again, this is Mildred Elley. -Con -If I leave now, I would probably have to go on a very long wait-list elsewhere. -Con -But hey at least the tuition would not be nearly as high. -Pro -I checked out the website for Maria college, saw that their tuition was around 10 grand for ASN and I even have the option to pursue a BSN. -Pro -HVCC's admission rep. tried to pursuade me to go for another program and stated their nursing program is 1,000 students to 40 seats. -Con -Mildred elley has semesters year round ...Pro. In the end I decided to leave Mildred Elley completely. I reminded myself why I was upset in the first place...they only made moves when I told them I want out. SMH. No thank you, if I'm paying THIRTY GRAND, this NONSENSE and run around should not be happening. Hey, if I was in sales and thirty grand was about to slip right through my fingers, I too would have jumped and made moves as well. Too bad though. Mildred Elley can kick rocks. I even told one of the MA instructors about my dilemma (she is an RN) and she said "Why are you wasting your time here?" "Why don't you look into HVCC or Maria?" I said Maria has a bad rep and she said "Yes but that was years ago and they have since turned things around, believe me." "Life is too short to stick around and have people waste your time." She was right.
  4. LicensedPracticalDJ

    Mildred Elley, Clinicals and Credits

    Hey, the program is pretty good. Almost too good. The college has been working with my schedule and really pulled strings to make it work for me. I'm just pinching myself at the fact that I'm finally in a nursing program. This semester is over, I refuse to fail this time around and I didn't...made straight A's. But the hard part comes next...Pharmacology. (pulls out handkerchief, wipes sweat from forehead).
  5. LicensedPracticalDJ

    Mildred Elley, Clinicals and Credits

    Thanks so much! I was just thinking about how it wouldn't hurt to refresh my memory on A&P 1 & 2. Either way, I don't want this opportunity to pass me by. I'm still shocked and appreciative that I made it into a nursing program. These wait lists are brutal. Thanks again for the advice :)
  6. LicensedPracticalDJ

    Mildred Elley, Clinicals and Credits

    I've just enrolled in the LPN program at Mildred Elley -Albany location, and am already going through a bit of a run around. I was first told that I could enroll in the weekend program (which was great since I just landed a full-time 8:30-5PM, M-F job since being unemployed for 4 mos). But a few days later, I was told that none of my credits -Eng 101, Psych 101, Anatomy 1 & 2, Bio 1- would transfer over in the weekend program, which is starting the class from scratch. Sigh* So I could either stay with the wknd program and take those classes all over again, but do it for convenience. OR, enroll in the evening program from 6-9:30PM M-Thurs, where my credits WILL transfer over. Do 8 weeks of clinicals (2 days during the week) from 3-11:30PM, and all the while begging my new job to let me leave early for clinicals. I already asked Mil. Elley if I could at least do clinicals on the weekend but was told that my chances are pretty slim. Is there anyone on here who is a current student at the Albany location and has went through the clinicals? How flexible are they with them? Thanks :) P.S. I start the evening program on Tuesday, 1/18/11