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  1. choco80

    MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

    tadams - Congrats on the scholarship, that is fantastic! That would probably tip the scales for me, though I have to say that I have a graduate degree from UPenn and I loved the school - it is an amazing place, and their nursing school is fantastic. It would be a hard decision for me (I need to stay in Boston though and didn't apply there for nursing school, however). Good luck!
  2. choco80

    MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

    Congrats - I also received good news :) FNP?
  3. choco80

    MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

    Just got this email too - will be checking at midnight!
  4. choco80

    MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

    Hi hb3an- Perhaps they have changed the "change" policy in the past couple of years, or perhaps they are saying that just because they know they cannot make any promises (they made that pretty clear as well - I believe they said that adult/gero people would have a much easier time switching to another speciality once in, and that there was only a chance to switch to fnp if someone from fnp switched out. That may not be their official statement on it either - I remember a couple of faculty saying that to students casually who were asking them after the info session). I didn't apply to BC this time around, though I did a couple of years ago. I got into BC and MGH - both were my top choices - and chose MGH. This time around I know I'd like to go to MGH and I'm hoping it works out with them - we shall see...
  5. choco80

    MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

    I applied FNP and haven't heard anything yet. To everyone who was waitilisted and offered a spot in the adult/gero track - all hope is not lost if you are committed to doing FNP. At the admitted students session a couple of years ago there were several people who were also offered adult/gero spots who wanted fnp and took the spots and were told there was a good chance they could change a semester in to another specialty, though it was not guaranteed. good luck to you guys! Nervous about hearing myself...
  6. choco80

    MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

    Hi guys - I am also playing the waiting game for the direct entry MSN program. I applied and was admitted two years ago but was unable to attend back then, so I am reapplying now. I can tell you that back then we received our acceptances via email, and they also followed up with a letter in the mail. Our due dates were a bit later then (I believe the app was due in Jan - this year it was due December 1) and we didn't hear until March or so. Good luck guys - hopefully we will all hear something soon!
  7. choco80

    MGH Direct-Entry MSN

    Hi there - If you end up attending the MGH direct entry program, we would be in the same class! I will be starting in Sept 2012. I was accepted this year, however I deferred for a year. The application process was not that bad (although they delayed sending us results for a long time due to an increased number of applications), and the staff working there was very nice. Best of luck on the GRE and with your prereqs!
  8. Thanks, SingDana! Sorry you had to miss the admitted students day, but there will be several events during orientation where you'll have the chance to meet everyone! As for the Northeastern student's comment, I've actually had the opposite experience. I know several graduates (more than one :) ) from the MGH program who were all able to find great jobs working as an NP immediately following graduation, and they indicated that this was the case with the majority of their class, so I'm not at all concerned about having to work as an RN. I also spoke with graduates and current students from 3 of the other direct entry programs in the Boston area to feel this out when I was deciding where to go because I had two concerns: clinical/preceptor placement in the NP portion of the program, and employment as an NP upon graduation. I already addressed the point about preceptors in my other post about the admitted students day (I actually was the one who asked the question that day about guaranteed placement for all students during the NP portion), and I really liked their answer (obviously, since I'm going there :) ). I also liked that they are very deliberately training you to be an NP, not an RN, and they said that the additional hours spent doing RN clinical work that some other direct entry programs require were largely superfluous, unless your goal is to work as an RN professionally (and if that's the case, I'm not sure why you would enroll in a direct entry program). Clearly, some people value the extra time spent in a program, and to each his own. For me, I've been a lawyer for 6 years and I can't really afford (time wise or financially) to spend extra time in a program building up RN experience on the floor, when my goal is to be an NP and treat patients in a clinic - a completely different job. Anyways, best of luck to you! I'm jealous you're getting your email addresses in a few weeks - I'll have to wait another year for mine! :)
  9. Thanks Johanne, you too! I'll be crossing my fingers for you. As I said before, I am deferring a year, so that opens up one spot...
  10. Hi Johanne - unfortunately, I don't remember how many psych people raised their hands. What I do remember about that part was that a lot of people raised their hands for peds and women's health. I was actually surprised that not that many people raised their hands for FNP, my area - the fnp people must not have come that day!
  11. Hi there - no, I didn't hear anything about peds, although it seemed like there were quite a few peds people at the accepted students day (they had use raise our hands for each specialty). That may not mean much, however.
  12. We all had different due dates to respond. Mine was April 12th. Good luck!
  13. It seemed like different people had different deadlines at mgh. Mine was April 12, and while I accepted, I am deferring a year, which should open up a spot in the class. GL!
  14. choco80

    MSN; Penn or Yale????

    I love Penn! I went there for law school (I am now starting a direct entry program at MGH in Boston since I live here now), and the university community is fantastic, the university as a whole is known for being very supportive, and they students generally are a spirited bunch (I can say this for the undergrads, law school and med school - I don't know specifically about nursing, but I would be surprised if it was any different). Penn is also a very prestigious nursing school - I'm not too familiar with nursing rankings, but my understanding was that it was either the very top or very close to it? I also really liked philly - great food, affordable, nice parks, a lot of new buildings, etc. I'm coming from growing up NYC and I can say that. It definitely has sketchy parts, and you should probably walk with someone at night, but I think that comes along with living in a city. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong since they are both good programs. Best of luck!
  15. choco80

    Nursing Faculty Shortage and Salaries

    I realize this is an older thread, but I will be entering a direct-entry program (I already have a doctorate in another field - law) and am interested in entering academia, perhaps in teaching ethics/policy related courses at a nursing school. I was wondering how many of you guys who do teach have second jobs, work in clinics, etc. to supplement? I echo the sentiment here that the academic salary is way too low, and I was just wondering how many of you take on an additional job? At my school, most of the profs seem to also work at the hospitals as NPs, etc. as well. Thanks!