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  1. 4thlevel

    Mississippi Gulf Coast

    I am hearing that they are accredited for now and they allegedly might be in danger of losing because they are in trouble with the institute of higher learning and the nlnac. What is they lose it before 4th level graduates?
  2. 4thlevel

    MGCCC, JD or JC

    i would never recommend anyone go to jc. jd is better than jc. perk is the best because the leadership is much better, but i know that is too far.
  3. 4thlevel

    Mississippi Gulf Coast

    Can anyone clarify the things I am hearing along the Gulf Coast about this ADN nursing program? I don't want to graduate from a nursing program from I which I couldn't take state boards.
  4. 4thlevel

    MGCC-JD Is there a waiting list for 2010?

    You might want to talk to the nursing students at MGCCC before you decide to go there. They can give you insight as to the quality of the program - or lack thereof.