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  1. AScottRN11

    whats the best book to study meds?

    Hi ann08 and oojopioo, If you two could please send me any information for meds for the NCLEX I would soooooo appreciate it! I too like everyone else is starting to freak out! :) My email is amsgrcc02@yahoo.com. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. AScottRN11

    Looking for younger travel partners ages 20-30, ER

    Hey Johnny, I would love to find out more about your group! I've always wanted to do travel nursing and right now would be a great time! 26, single, and no reason to stay where I'm at! You only live once, right? How do I find you on FB?
  3. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt Summer 2011

    Congrats to everyone who got interviews! I unfortunately did not. I've never wanted something more in my life but God has bigger plans for me obviously! I just may have to stay in Michigan a little bit longer. Good luck everyone!
  4. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt Summer 2011

    Why Texas? Is it because of the job opportunity or have you lived there before? I'm kind of in a position where I've never thought about anywhere else then moving back home to Nashville and working at Vandy. Knowing the possibility that my plans will not necessarily have the outcomes I want, I've been kinda exploring other default options. I absolutely dislike Michigan, have nothing holding me back and want to get out of here!! I am currently sitting at home because of a blizzard and missing 2 of my 12hr shifts with my preceptor. Not fun! :)
  5. AScottRN11

    Best new grad residency programs

    Hi! I am currently in the application process for the Vandy NRP. I was born in Nashville and VU's been embedded in my blood since birth, so this is definitely a very stressful process! I love hearing success stories and positive feedback about the program. I do have a question for you. In the past, the Women's Health track hasn't fully evolved, do you know why that is?
  6. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt Summer 2011

    It's good to know that I wasn't the only one sending mine in the week before. :) Lovelymo79 what is your first choice?
  7. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt Summer 2011

    Mangatron: I also put mine in the mail on Wed. too. It's good to know they sent you an e-mail letter of reciept; I also did reciept confirmation through the post office when I sent it. It feels good to get it done and out of my hands!
  8. AScottRN11

    ADHD/ADD nurse

    I'm glad I found this post and hope I can maybe help a few people out as well as get a little advice myself! I am a 26 y/o adult ADHDer. My kindergarten teacher wanted to hold me back because I wouldn't sit still or pay attention...DUH, and no one saw that as unusual? Needless to say I went many years without being diagnosed and it took until I was about 19, I think, till it was official. All though elementary, middle and the first half of high school I was in all advanced classes with honors grades, still not sure how that happened but I have read about the overcompensation ADDers do to hide their disorders. Anyways, I am graduating next month from the most demanding/difficult ADN program I've ever heard of and throughout the program, regardless that I'm on meds, I've definitely seen a lot of negative sides of the disorder but I've overcame them the best I could. I am not on the right meds but the ones I can afford. I'm currently taking Adderall instead of my usual Adderall XR b/c I no longer have any insurance. Ok, not to get side tracked from my original thoughts (we tend to do that ). As a student, I have had to find ways to adapt along the way to be successful. Only 12 of our original starting class are actually part of our graduating class (that's how difficult it is, many people fail at least one class) and yet with the disorder I have succeeded with a lot of hard work. I found a good way to study my last semester that I wish I would have known all along, so I thought I'd pass it on. It's called "mind mapping", kind of like concept mapping. It sounds so simple it's crazy but it's so useful as an ADDer. You take a white piece of printer paper and put the subject in the middle in a box, let's say the nursing process. Then you take one part, let's say Assessment and branch off from there and box it. Then you would put like 2 lines off from there and put objective and subjective and off of each of those etc...etc...Then you go back after you went through all your info on Assessment and go to the next think Diagnosis and put in a box off another line coming off of nursing process and continue in the same manner. I tend to write smaller which helps to get more info of one topic on one page and I also would color code it, like take a disorder and anything that would be a nursing diagnosis would be purple, nursing intervention off of something would be pink, a medical intervention green, etc...I would pretty much take pages of notes and able to those on one sheet on one page. Which is definitely less overwhelming then a ton of pages to distract you. As you keep doing them things start being able to connect on your sheet and you start finding ways of connecting the information in ways you never thought possible! I only learned how to do it in my last rotation in Critical Care but it was an invaluable resource for my education to come. Sorry for such a long post, we tend to do this w/ ADD but hey, you gotta work with what you're given! I have also found a book called, "You mean I'm not Stupid, Lazy or Crazy" for adult ADDers and it is becoming very helpful. It takes a lot of work, time and adaptation but nursing school is possible. Next step, getting this nurse residency position that is the opportunity of my lifetime and adapting into the RN role! Anna
  9. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I saw someone started a forum for the summer 2011 NRP and I wrote in greater detail there. I like the idea of finding others who have or are experiencing the same thing to talk to and get advice and encouragement!
  10. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt Summer 2011

    Hi Everyone! I too am applying for the Summer 2011 NRP and the process is very nerve racking b/c it is a very prestigious organization to work for! My grandma passed away over the holiday break so I got behind on my application packet with everything. I have everything in the app packet done and ready to go but I can't get passed this letter of intent. I think I've rewritten in a million times! It's really hard summerizing in one page all 3 questions and give an accurate reflection of them as well as who you are and what you offer. Any advice because I need to send it out this week. The NRP is the only place I'm applying because I want it that bad! I am in Michigan but was born in Nashville and we moved here when I was a kid. I'm ready to go back home! :) I'm applying for the Women's Health Track which I'm very excited to see was added since I will be applying at VU fall 2012 to pursue my midwifery degree. I look forward to learning any advice and seeing what happens!
  11. AScottRN11

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Hi Lovelymo79, I too am applying for Summer 2011! I'm working on my letter w/ hopes to have it done by tomorrow to send my packet out Tuesday. It's the last thing I have to finish! What track are you applying for?