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  1. Jess2520

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    Hey Guys, I am also interviewing the 10th and 11th, but I did not receive any questions regarding what to prepare for. I do remember from the information session to be prepared to know why you want to be a nurse as this will be something that is discussed for sure. Has anyone heard anything about any of the other topics? Shannon.....I'll look for you so I can also "know" somebody :) lol My name is Jessica, I am 5'6 blonde hair, blue eyes, and 25 (that also hurts so say haha) I'd tell you what I am wearing....but have no idea yet!
  2. Jess2520

    usd mepn applicants 2011

    Hey Guys, Congrats on all your interview invitations, I also received mine...very exciting. Do any of you remember from the information session how many interviews are given? I know they take 50 students, but would also like to know how many that 50 are chosen from.