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  1. dianne68


    Hi everyone, I will be graduating nursing school in May and hopefully will pass my NCLEX-RN!! :) I am wondering if all of you use PDA's and what type do you prefer? Also, I am hoping to download drug book...any other references that you can advice to download. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
  2. dianne68

    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    I think the post is of stupid things said, not stupid people.
  3. dianne68

    Need some advise

    What area of the country are you at?
  4. dianne68

    Need some advise

    Thanks, Erin! I think you are absolutely right. At least in the hospital setting, I will have extra guidance needed until I can improve in different disease processes and basic nursing skills. Also getting a good assessment skills. I appreciate the advice!
  5. dianne68

    Need some advise

    Thanks, Leslie!! I was thinking it would be beneficial to get more technical experience, learn more of disease processes and get better with my assessment skills. I know I have the heart for it. At clinicals, I witnessed an 88 year old woman who just returned from dialysis, code and they worked on her for over an hour. It was just an awful experience! I know that she was not a DNR and family requested resuscitation, but it seemed so brutal. I just really believe that death is not always the enemy. I really feel that hospice allows comfort and peace and can bring so much to the end of life for the patient and the family.
  6. dianne68

    Need some advise

    Hi everyone, I am going to be a new grad in May...(hopefully after passing NCLEX!!). From doing clinicals, I have found that my heart is really into hospice. My philosophy is so much of the hospice fundamentals. Alot of my classmates want to get into different areas of nursing and think I am crazy to want to work with the dying. I feel like it is my calling to bring comfort and peace to those at the end of their lives. I had a friend who died of cancer a few years ago. We spoke of her impending death and what she wanted. She had come to terms as best as she could with her diagnosis and prognosis, but her biggest concern was being in pain. Thank God, she didnt know the suffering that so many have to endure. I worked in psych for 16 years and so I think I can appreciate the emotional and psychological processes that occur with the patient and the family. Ok, so here is my question: Do hospices hire new grads and what are your thoughts and feelings of a new grad going into hospice. Thanks, I appreciate your comments, Dianne
  7. dianne68

    Glad they are flooding the market with New Grads...

    Wow, this really makes me sad!! I am in nursing school right now and one of my concerns was that I would be looked at like the "grad nurse." I am more than willing to do my "time" and learn from you more experienced nurses. Please have patience with us. You, after all, were once the new kids on the block.
  8. dianne68

    Too old to begin career in ED?

    I am in my first semester of nursing school and I am 42!! It sounds like that the ER is where your heart is at and I say, do it!!! I am sure that when I graduate, I will be feeling less competent myself, already do...but you will learn as you go!! Good luck and congrats!!!
  9. dianne68

    What is so wrong with discussing end of life care?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong in discussing end of life care with patients. I think it is our duty to educate our patients and allow them the dignity they so deserve. The problem is when the government steps in and "pays" doctors for this service. Like many other things, the government should mind their own business.
  10. dianne68


    Thank you so much, I appreciate the information!! :)
  11. dianne68


    Thanks, Janine!! I appreciate the advice. I will contact a hospice agency near me. Good luck to you also :)
  12. dianne68


    Hi, my name is Dianne and I am a nursing student in my first quarter of an 18mth program for my ASN. I have always been interested in Hospice care. I have done home health in the past and had great satisfaction working with the elderly. Here is my question, I have never been involved in the hospice process. Would it be unusual to contact an agency near me and request to "volunteer" with a hospice RN? I would like to witness the in's and out's of the profession to see if I could "handle" it. I did not know if this would be appropriate. Thanks for any replies. Dianne