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MillieT has 11 years experience and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. MillieT

    NP home health/medicare visits position

    Hi all, I am still in NP school, but am dreaming of my future job. I will be a primary care Adult/Geron NP. The city I want to live in has tons of home health type positions for United Health Care and some home health companies for NPs to perform in home assessments for medicare pts. My sister is employed in this city in home health as a PT asst and says that the RNs have to do a tremendous amt of paper work in home health and are often up until 2am completing their paperwork and that she wouldn't recommend it. Anyone know any of the pros/cons of these types of jobs? Thanks, Millie
  2. MillieT

    FNP preceptors

    I went to their office in person and asked to speak to the office manager. Dressed professionally. I brought a letter of introduction with me with my contact info on it, explained who I was and what I wanted to the office manager and left the letter. I followed up a week later if no response. Still had many nos. Does your school have a list of previous preceptors? That may help. Go to VA's, health depts, free clinics. Our free clinic that was on our list of previous preceptors actually turned me down due to not enough docs. Join your local NP association, post on their message board that you are needing a preceptor. Most have a list of people willing to precept too. Call your state board of nursing and see if they have a list. Good luck to you, it is a lot of work! Millie
  3. MillieT

    Advice for a student considering oncology nursing

    Hi, when in school I would concentrate on learning the grieving process, coping mechanisms etc, I use that info a lot with my patients. Also, really know your lab values and what to expect the doctors to treat. Know how to pick up sepsis and how to treat. Know how to treat pain and be an advocate for the pt when their pain meds aren't enough. Oncology is a rewarding field. I have worked with a couple men too!
  4. MillieT

    Newbie hospice nurse, newbie agency

    Congratulations!! I think the certification is only 500 hours of direct care.
  5. MillieT

    Oncology Nurse Practitioner

    Does it allow you to have an adult/gerontological NP degree along with an oncology specialty? That's how it is at Univ of South Alabama. If so, you can market yourself for either field (adult or oncology), so your options wil be open.
  6. MillieT

    ANP or GNP?

    Look for a school that has both. I think the adult NP scpecialty is being retired and replaced by the Adult/gerentological NP. I'm currently in the combo role in school.
  7. I felt the same way when I took patho (different school). I pressured myself to learn as much as possible, since I'll need to know this for actual practice. I was very concerned when I realized that a lot of information seemed to be just passing through my brain. What I realized is that this info will come up again. It is revisited in pharm and will be revisited again in the courses that go along with clinicals and in clinicals themselves. We did read the whole book. I did study most of the day,everyday. I found some wonderful lectures on itunes through the Univ of Washington (I think), that supplemented well. Supplementing with lectures etc has helped me retain the most info.
  8. I'm not to clinicals yet, but I work 2 12 hr shifts/week. 3 ocassionally. When clinicals start I'll prefer to work weekends. My manager is great with working with my schedule. I also work PRN for the increased pay. Have almost divorced a couple times during the past yr and planned to get my own health insurance (most schools offer VERY low cost health insurance to students, that might be your best bet).
  9. MillieT

    Stress in grad school

    Thanks, maybe you're right. Most of my problem comes from being a perfectionist. I would study most of the day on my off days, because I not only wanted to get good grades, but I also wanted to learn and retain as much as I could since I'd actually have to treat people some day, so I guess that's self imposed stress.
  10. MillieT

    Stress in grad school

    I thought this would be a better place to write than the student's forum since you all have been through the entire picture already. I'm almost through with my 1st yr of NP school. Have completed patho, pharm and will take assessment this summer and start clinicals in fall. I started school due to a near divorce which hasn't happened yet, but is potentially lurking around every corner. I've done well and gotten all A's while rasing 2 teens and working 2 12s a week. I'm concerned because due to multiple additional life stressors that have happened over the past 2 mos, I am now nearly exhausted and several people, including one friend who is an instructor have told me that clincials are much more stressful. Is this true? Did you find clinicals more difficult to live through than patho and pharm? I'm hoping for less stress, so that I can hope my life will become more managable. Thanks in advance, Millie
  11. MillieT

    New in oncology, supervising chemotherapy?

    I would recommend chemo certification through ONS and then working towards your ONS certification. I'm not sure if the grad level requires 1000 hrs of experience in the field, but the undergrad level does. I wouldn't want to supervise anyone without being certified myself.
  12. MillieT

    Fitzgerald Online Advanced Patho or Pharm

    I have the Pharmacology audio Cd's. I bought a package deal and added in one for asthma/bronchitis since I thought that would be valuable to my future practice. They are wonderful! I think they'll also be great for review for certification time.
  13. MillieT

    Burned out from floor nursing, need advice, please..

    Some more ideas..... I did peds before, much easier than the oncology med/surg floor I work on now. Ask around about other floors. 4-5pts on day shift is manageable.
  14. MillieT

    Burned out from floor nursing, need advice, please..

    Some ideas: Would it be possible to work in the education dept? Admit nurse (not sure if they have those in your area) Hospice (ministering really comes into play here) Home health Diabetes educator case manager QA Sounds like you just need to find your niche. ~millie
  15. MillieT

    Alabama and/or Texas info needed

    I agree with OP, Montgomery is a high crime area. Most people who work there probably live in Prattville or Millbrook. Don't know anyone who works at the hospital. Birmingham on the other hand is very nice. Great place to live. My brother worked at UAB as a new grad. Excellent orientation and good nurse/pt ratios. I worked at Childrens as a new grad many moons ago. Best place I've ever worked. Good luck, Mille
  16. MillieT

    How to prepare for NP school??

    Pathophysiology was my most difficult class so far, brushing up on that might be helpful. RN experience is invaluable. I would save money for Margaret Fitzgerald audio cd's and DVDs. I have hers for pharm and will hopefully be able to get the assessment set also. They are quite expensive though. Good luck, Millie