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  1. U of MN DNP FNP 2018

    Haven't heard either. I wonder whether I should contact them Monday or Tuesday. But knowing I'm not the only one tells me they're still working on it. Do you have an idea on how many applied?
  2. U of MN DNP FNP 2018

    That's as far as I've heard too. I figured I'd hear on Friday because they did the same for interview notifications. I remember hearing from them on the last day. Fingers crossed.
  3. University of Minnesota DNP FNP interview

    Not yet, later this week. How was it? How many were there? Were they nice or intimidating? I'm so curious!
  4. U of MN DNP FNP 2018

    Anyone apply or in this program? Interview is less than a month away! How was it? What faculty members are likely to do the interview? What is the program like? Pros and cons of the program? From out of state, so any information would be helpful. Th...
  5. Hi, Wanted to get advice on DNP FNP school interviews. Particularly for university of Minnesota if possible. So far, it seems as if it'll more likely be behavioral questions rather than clinical. I'm also from out of state, so what is Minnesota c...
  6. What is the job market like in WA?

    It's pretty tight here too. I'm going to be a new grad and will be looking elsewhere in addition to WA. I think a few hospitals still use LPNs but I don't know too many in the Western WA region. Good luck in your search