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  1. Calcium Carbonate for GERD

    I don't really know where to put this, but im assuming it iwll be moved if its in the wrong spot...... I'm a senior nursing student and i had a patient who had a hx. of GERD, most commonly occuring at night. He was on Zantac, 150mg daily. When the n...
  2. Prospective Nursing Student

    I would suggest going for BSN right away. LVN (or LPN) are not really getting hired anymore in Hospitals that is. My suggestion, apply to other schools. You have only applied to one. I applied to 4, i was accepted into 2 schools, made alternative lis...
  3. Standing orders (Please explain)

    Im in nursing school correct me if i am wrong. but isnt an order already the doctors "OK" to give the patient that medication or treatment?? if its on their MAR and is signed off by doctor and reviewed by pharmacist it is OK to give that med...
  4. Nursing in Michigan

    Perfect!!! Thanks I'll look into that. I did complete a nurse internship program already. Here a "Nurse Intern" is one who is still in school. We have "Nurse Residency" programs for new grads...similar to an Intern position. It assists in your trans...
  5. Nursing in Michigan

    But i really appreciate it, i'll keep them both in mind and will be contacting Nurse recruiters. My advisor and nurse recruiter at the hospital i work at now both suggested around Feburary to start contacting, and applying by March.
  6. Nursing in Michigan

    Thanks! I've gotten a job offer in Cardiac care :heartbeatat a large hospital here. They contacted me and wanted to interview me. The job isnt avaliable until July. I've talked with them and they are giving me until May to get back to them. Which im ...
  7. Nursing in Michigan

    I am a senior in nursing school, graduating with my BSN in May of 2011. I am currently on the lookout for jobs. A little early to apply yet, but just starting to look. My fiance got a job as an engineer in Detroit, MI. I am still at school back at ho...