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  1. RP-LPN

    Anyone attend Wesley College's BSN program as an LPN?

    Hi I'm an LPN who just looked at the requirements....have you done the NLN RN-PAX exam , case scenario, math / med exam?????
  2. RP-LPN

    Delaware Tech nursing courses online?

    hello everyone....can anyone help me get started to return for the RN I will need to go through everything as I graduated from a diploma program....I need information or better yet a contact person so I can know where I need to start from.....as I have no clue what I'm doing.....I really would like to take the classes on-line but ready what you guys are saying there not one out there.....help please.....and thanks
  3. RP-LPN

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    All I can say if you are looking to change then don't stop at LPN go on and get the RN BSN.....I've been in LTC for more then 15yrs as a Nursing Scheduler / staffing coorn...and went back at the age of 39 and grad at 40yrs and boy would I love to have the chance to get that RN degree right now...I'm in a job that they do as they please and I'm all about being a advocate for my Residents so I think we butt heads a lot.....so go for it your never to old..... Me
  4. RP-LPN

    Working as an LVN during LVN-RN bridge program

    thank you....
  5. RP-LPN

    Working as an LVN during LVN-RN bridge program

    Hi there I hope this reaches you but unsure how to work this allnurses.com....thing...so please tell me how it is that you got this far because I've been looking and looking for something just like this and I am very apprehensive about the online programs but I work full time at AL bld and I have 85 residents to take of of....so pls help me:yeah: