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  1. LMT2BSN

    Managing Vents and other PACU skills

    I appreciate the helpful info! I'm actually waiting on Drains perianesthesia book to be delivered, so can't wait to look into that. I know that managing vents is not beyond my capabilities, so most of my hesitation comes from just being immersed into a new environment. From what I've been told by my employer, I'll be managing the vent (except for RT vent checks) and extubating with another nurse or sometimes the anesthesiologist. Hopefully there's a clearly set protocol for this.
  2. LMT2BSN

    Managing Vents and other PACU skills

    ICU nurse with 14 months experience in neuro/stroke/sepsis ICU and code team. So, good experience but.....still a baby nurse :). I'm super excited about my new job at a level 1 trauma tier 1 & 2 PACU that occasionally has ICU (surgical) overflow patients. I start in 1 month which means I've got time to brush up on stuff (and move across the country). I've been creating a list of study topics that I want to know like the back of my hand. However, what's stressing me out the most is managing vents with limited RT involvement. I know the basics with suctioning, lavage, bump their rate up a bit to blow off CO2, increase their fiO2 by about 10%? if their sats are dropping, switch them over to cpap/simv around 40% before extubating? If anyone has tips and tricks for managing vents or just what PACU nurses usually do with vents, or your experience extubating, etc, etc I'd really appreciate the advice! Also, I have a list of things I'm trying to learn/brush up on so I know about them very well, if you have anything to add that'd be great! Some of these I use all the time (propofol, morphine, ativan, zofran, dilaudid) but would still like to know them better. Here's my list so far: dilaudid, demerol, morphine, fentanyl, versed, propofol, ativan, etomidate, pentothal, glycopyrolate, neostigmine, narcan, romazicon, zofran, ephedrine, vistaril, compazine, phenergan, jaw thrusts, chin tilts, what do the patients expect their pacu experience to be like, reqs for discharge to icu, floor.
  3. LMT2BSN

    Medical Marijuana: Not sure what I'm doing..

    I appreciate the responses that are related to info/sources on using medical marijuana for ALS symptom control. Thanks.
  4. My mother is one of the millions that would greatly benefit from medical marijuana. Background: She was the picture of healthy and fit 9 months ago and has been diagnosed with ALS like disease,out of nowhere. It's aggressive, relentless, and sudden. Other than the loss of motor function - she has constant spasms, tingling sensation, sob, and the depression and anxiety that come with such a life altering punch in the gut. It's heavy. The side effects from depression/anxiety meds are causing too many issues to where she's not able to be compliant with them. Nothing helps with the spasms, tingling, and constant anxiety-related sob. Situation: Florida has recently legalized the use of cbd-specific medical marijuana. And, I believe it's an option that she should explore. Problem: The legalities and steps to take to obtaining a prescription for this are so foreign to me. Does anyone have any good resources for navigating this type of therapy? Any informed information/opinions/etc would be greatly appreciated. Anybody care to share their experiences with medical marijuana? I'm familiar with the benefits and risks - I'm just in the dark when it comes to the logistics of actually utilizing this wonderful therapy. Thanks!
  5. LMT2BSN

    Moving back to Florida (SE) :/

    I grew up all over FL (mostly Orlando). I left FL in 2012 to get a BSN and easily land an ICU job because it's a lot less crowded in Oklahoma and there was no wait time to start school. Now, I'm needing to move to the West Palm Beach - Ft. Lauderdale area d/t a new, aggressive neuro-degenerative diagnoses of my mom. So, I'd like to help take care of her. Any idea on where to find a ICU/ER job? Should I travel instead? I have: BSN 1 yr of RN experience in a Neuro-surgical/stroke/trauma/sepsis ICU (including an additional yr of tech exp. in the same area) BLS, ACLS including experience on code/rat team National Cert: NVRN, working on CCRN Do I have a chance of finding a job in SE Florida? Should I just travel instead? I know some companies will allow RNs to travel with only 1yr exp. but, I've heard you usually don't want those contracts... Thanks.
  6. LMT2BSN

    hospital habits

    lol. not even for the first year, when you want to show off?
  7. LMT2BSN

    New Nursing Student

    I'm no nurse, but I come on here to gain realistic info. I've felt the same way as you! However, I bet if every profession had a forum related to it, there would be an overload of miserable moments turned into a venting post...unless a nightlife journalist had a forum, that would probably be minimal venting. Point is, if there is a place to vent than there will be venting.
  8. LMT2BSN

    hospital habits

    I already have the jargon issue, as I'm constantly charting patients at my current non-nurse job. But the no water, no pee, no food thing makes me nervous.lol if i don't eat something within in an hour or so I start to fade pretty fast.. maybe for the lack of "water break time" I'll use my camel pak and a bladder in my pants.. :)
  9. LMT2BSN

    hospital habits

    What are all the hospital habits that one must adhere to? big or small for instance to the public it's 8:17, then you get to work and it's 20:17... As a student I've set all clocks in my life to military time, all measurements to metric (do hospitals even use metric mostly?lol) I'm looking to begin those habits early, I figure they could be a few less things that will be new as a new nurse..
  10. true on so many levels! that quote should be a t-shirt, bumper sticker, Somethin!
  11. LMT2BSN

    School wait..

    After two years of prereqs and then two years of nursing program after that, wouldn't you have a BSN. Not just an associates? or am I missing something... (I'm assuming the two years of school after your two years of wait list were nursing program, btw)
  12. LMT2BSN

    Spanish for Nurses

    I don't think she HAS to go out of her way to speak Spanish, she WANTS to learn it for professional and personal use. I can only speak English, but I think it's a little too pompous to establish a law that citizens speak English in five years of living in the U.S. However, such citizens should not expect to be completely understood all the time.
  13. LMT2BSN

    Clorox or Peroxide?

    Same Here!! So, do most hospitals just use the Cavi wipes or Alcohol mentioned previously?
  14. LMT2BSN

    Pre-shift workout/exercises

    I would suggest Bikram Yoga! As well as strength training, conditioning, stretching, and oxygenating the muscle/body; a huge focus of Bikram Yoga is effectively circulating blood throughout the body, through tense and release poses. Be warned: Don't try this for the first couple times on a days that you work...
  15. LMT2BSN

    Spanish for Nurses

    Enroll in a community college spanish course, at a college that offers Rosetta Stone. NOT for the course, but for the unlimited use of Rosetta Stone via their languages center. The one course would be way cheaper than actually buying the software....