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  1. Oknursinggirl

    Rose State RN Fall 2012

    xlovehappyx Are you starting the program or planning for when you get in? I would say that a car is necessary for sure, but depends? The clinical schedule was inclued in the packet. Good Luck!
  2. Oknursinggirl

    Rose State Spring 2011

    Yay! Congradulations Jamie! :)
  3. Oknursinggirl

    Rose State Spring 2011

    I applied with 132 points and I got a rejection letter too! I guess 132 was the cut off and then they went by GPA, so you had to have 132 points AND 4.0, have a 3.6 GPA!?! My letter said I was on the alternate list. So, now I get to WAIT longer to see if I get in as a alternate? Josh, sorry to hear your bad news, did they tell you that you were on the alternate list too? I dont have any idea how it works, if I find anything out I will let you know.
  4. Oknursinggirl

    Rose State Spring 2011

    Nothing in my mailbox from rose state AGAIN today! Has anyone heard any news???
  5. Oknursinggirl

    Rose State Spring 2011

    i went by and talked to the nursing secretary yesterday and she said no letters, acceptance or rejection, have not gone out. she said they are waiting on the clinical negotitations to get done (said they are included in the packets). she wouldn't tell me anything else! sigh!!!!!
  6. Oknursinggirl

    Rose State Spring 2011

    They should be sending out rejection letters next week! I got mine last spring on April 18th and the acceptance letters weren't received until may 11th!!! Waiting stinks!
  7. Oknursinggirl

    Need advice choosing where to take RN pre-requ. courses OKC Area

    Thank you so much! Peds at heart, congradulations, so exciting! I'm so looking forward to being where you are. I have another question for you in light of the info you gave. If a person takes the regular transferable micro and A&P at Rose do they still require you to take the other additionall classes? I read on their nursing info page that if you don't take your A & P classes there at Rose they require several other classes?!? I really like Rose too, Its close to us and seems very user friendly (of course I havent taken any classes there yet). I also liked Seminole, for location and small class size, seem super friendly, but they only have the RN Program that starts once per year in the Fall.
  8. Help! Any advice welcome! I am a 40 year old mom from Shawnee, OK ready to go back to school. So, Im just getting started in this adventure. I was a early childhood education major 15 years ago, but now want to get into a RN program in the OKC area or maybe Seminole? I have most all of the pre-requisites with the exception of Science! I need all the science courses (Chem, Biology, Mircrobiology, Anat & Phys) plus nutrition, medical terminaology, & maybe 1 or 2 others depending on which school I attend or am accepted at. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for me? I have a 3.5 GPA, haven't taken any tests (ACT, Compass, TEAS, Etc.) yet. I originally was going to take the science courses at Rose State, but then discovered that they won't transfer?!? I am gathering info and want to make the best decision to allow the highest chance of getting accepted into a RN Program ASAP. It is so confusing with all the different schools, Rules, Tests, points, etc. Thanks for your comment!