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    RNs Relocating to Las Vegas

    My husband and I are both RNs from the Midwest and we both have temporary Nevada licenses. We've applied to RN jobs online, but so far we have been "NOT SELECTED" for positions at St. Rose hospitals and our status is still pending for several HCA jobs (full-time jobs are few though). I have about 1-1/2 years Med-Surg experience in an HCA facility (plus, I have some charge RN experience and I've oriented many RN employees), and my husband has 6-1/2 years in both hospital (Med-Surg, Oncology), travel nursing (in same system as St. Rose), LTC, supervisory in LTC, and most currently, state hospital psych nursing charge RN. We were told by an HR at St. Rose that he should notify them about a week before we visit LV so he could possibly get an interview then...which seems odd to me...why toss his application into the 'not selected' file only to possibly hire him down the road? For me, I have been out of nursing being a SAHM caring for our young child for about a year and a half, so I can see why they may not be interested in hiring me... Should I keep applying or just wait until we relocate? I've thought about going to LTC, but I don't want to stay away from hospital nursing for too long since that's what I know and that's what I need if I want to further my education (i.e., MSN). I've read on some forums that NV doesn't hire as many out-of-state/ endorsement nurses for whatever reason. I don't think it should matter since we at least have nursing exp. to consider. I booked our flight for mid-Feb, so we will do *some* job hunting during that week. Any suggestions to speed up the job offers would be helpful!