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  1. Mount Royal University, U of C or U of A

    Hello, I'm a graduate of the U of C and currently working in NICU. The U of C's program has changed significantly since I graduated so I can't say for sure what it is like anymore. I have heard that Mount Royal offers some specific classes in neonat...
  2. Northern nursing and flying

    Hello, I am an RN in Canada, and over the summer while on vacation in northern Canada, I started thinking about nursing up north. I became aware that a number of small towns and villages in the north lack easy access, often only by plane. Here is my...
  3. Calgary or Edmonton?

    As a very biased native Calgarian, I would definitely say Calgary is the better city.
  4. For those offered a position before graduating

    I interviewed with the manager of the unit where I did my final placement while I was still a student and was offered a position there starting after my graduation. I brought a hard copy of my resume and spoke to the manager. We did an informal inter...
  5. [Calgary] U of C vs. MRU ?

    Hello, I'm a recent grad of the nursing program at the U of C. To answer some of your questions: I've heard this as well. All I can say is that I did find myself frustrated with some aspects of the U of C's program, specifically the lack of organiz...
  6. NICU interview

    Thank you for the advice Linda! The manager is checking my references and he said he'll pull me from the floor during a shift in two weeks to have an interview. I'm so nervous and excited!
  7. NICU interview

    Hello all, I've been a member of Allnurses for a while now, but this is my first post. I'm a nursing student in my final year, only three weeks left! I'm currently doing my final placement in a level 3 NICU in a large city, and I am applying to work ...
  8. My dad has two brothers both named Armour Glen. They called one of them Jimmy and one of them Glen. He also works with a guy named Ashley, I asked if his mom was a Gone With the Wind fan. I know someone whose parents didn't want a middle name one so ...
  9. Errors that you caught...

    During one of my rotations (a vascular surgery unit) I was partnered with one of the RNs and she was doing meds for my patient. I can't remember the exact dose, but he was on a beta blocker and it came in a prefilled syringe from pharmacy. I noticed ...