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  1. Ok I have a question. I work LTC and I just took a new position at this facility the doctor requires you to fax everything! And I mean everything! If you page him he very rarely calls back and if you call his office his receptionist will say you need to fax it, and he is our medical director to boot! If this normal?? In the other LTC facilities I worked at you could at least get to the nurse! Any thoughts?????
  2. lilbit12

    How many of you have experienced medication errors?

    I wish I could say I have never made a med error but it happens! No matter how much we want to be perfect we all make mistakes. The fact is that it will happen and when it does do not get upset just learn from your mistake. The first med error I made I was working LTC and I had admitted a patient and I was going through his med list with him and his family with his med bottles. I wrote out the list of meds reviewed them with the doc and gave him his morning medications. When I was going through his paper work his med list from the doctors office did not match up with the pill bottles. His BP med was suppose to broke in half the doc decreased it a month ago. I did not check what the family said and what the bottles said with the paper work, I just took their word for it. He was ok, we just monitored his BP and he had no adverse reactions but I definelty learned my lesson from that mistake. That is what you have to do when you make a med error learn from that mistake and put in checks to ensure you do not make that type of error again. Hope this helps.
  3. lilbit12

    Your Favorite one liner used with patients

    I was working at a LTC facility for veterans and normally you would hear the old men say oh if I was twenty again. Well anyway I walked into a Residents room to give him his meds and he looks at me and says oh honey if you were only 60 what fun we would have!! LOL I really didn't have a come back for that one!!:rotfl:
  4. lilbit12

    asking for meds?

    That is not true. Pain again is subjective. Just because a person has fallen asleep does not mean they are not in pain. It is a very hard judgment call for us as nurses, do you give a pain or do you not, I think 90% or more of our pt's are truely in pain and are not drug seeking. I have had many patients ask for a pain pill and when I get in there they are dosing off but are still in pain. You have to remember they are exhausted. They do not get to soundly sleep. We are constantly waking them up to check on them or their room mate or a noise outside their room wakes them up.
  5. lilbit12

    asking for meds?

    Thats awful!!! At our hospital their name goes on a list and if they come in through the ER the physican knows if they are asking for pain meds that they are not to give them any. Our docs are to worried about the dea getting involved!!!!
  6. lilbit12

    asking for meds?

    Guys I am new at this so if I am stepping in where I shouldn't please let me know. Pain is subjective and that is why we have scheduled and PRN pain meds. Some patients need meds around the clock on a scheduled basis and some have a higher threshold and don't need them as often. Assessment is the key. If my patient says they are in pain and need a pain med then they get a pain med, if they ask for me to bring it to them q4 then I give it to them assess in q4 and if they say they are in pain they get it. If it continues then I would just call the dr and get the med scheduled. I think in this day in age we as nurses worry to much about drug seekers, if that is what they truly are they will make themselves known and the dr will end up dc'ing their meds. I say if they are in pain give them the medication.

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