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vegasmomma has 5 years experience as a BSN.

Hospital acute care

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  1. vegasmomma

    Acute dialysis travel

    NedRN, Thank you!
  2. vegasmomma

    Acute dialysis travel

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I guess what I really want to know is: Do the majority of acute travel jobs require experience with F machines? (Is one type of machine more common or prevalent than the other) Or is it truly 50/50?
  3. vegasmomma

    Acute dialysis travel

    I'm just beginning my journey towards traveling. Is it better to work in acute dialysis for both big companies before traveling? Or is it possible to work for D and learn machines for F on a travel assignment? (Will I be marketable to get F contracts without experience working for F?)
  4. vegasmomma

    Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    Nurse Magnolia, I believe you 100%. It seems like it's a problem in many places. You are not the only one who has posted similar experiences.
  5. vegasmomma

    Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    Hospital environment seems way safer...for your license and the patients. Glad you found a better place you enjoy.
  6. vegasmomma

    Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    Thx so much for the update. I have been reading all the posts I can find on dialysis nursing and your recent experiences and concerns are very common. The liability from stubborn techs is why I've chosen not to do dialysis myself. I'm very sorry and I hope you can hang in there until another opportunity at a different clinic opens up for you. 🙏
  7. vegasmomma

    Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    Thank you for each update!! I'm loving this thread. I'm still trying to convince myself to go for dialysis. I do have worries because on other threads I read that techs can be vindictive and make it hard on nurses in training. I've read in some states it's illegal for techs to give heparin but they still do it and the nurse is liable. I've read that nurses find themselves being the only nurse in the facility at times.
  8. vegasmomma

    Acute dialysis travel

    Does acute (in hospital) travel nursing include an orientation with another nurse to get familiar with the facility layout, where machines are stored, charting system? Do acute travel jobs require call shifts? How often per week is typical? Thanks!
  9. vegasmomma

    Airway obstruction

    It depends on the situation. Use the pilliow as a tool under shoulders so head falls back with airway patent if needed. But, If pillow causing obstruction, may need to remove it.
  10. I understand this. Sometimes I consider going back to school to be an RT. Or work in the ED as a tech only.
  11. vegasmomma

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    This reads like a nightmare scene in a horror novel!! I can't believe this actually happened! So sorry. That seems to terrible.
  12. vegasmomma

    Should I try HD?

    I havn't yet. I talked to a nurse in outpatient HD and they said hours are long and it's hard to get time off. You have the patient only 4 hours but if they are in a mean mood it can feel like longer.
  13. That sounds terrible Daisy369! So sorry.
  14. vegasmomma

    Home health going rate Nevada

    Wow. Way less than what I was expecting. Thx.
  15. vegasmomma

    Home health going rate Nevada

    Any Las Vegas home health nurses out there to give me advice on good companies to apply for? Also typical rates. Per visit or hourly?
  16. vegasmomma

    Options other than the bedside

    Drug rehab/addiction nursing. You see progress and improvement in the patients which is rewarding. Not very stressful. You are actually helping people. Most of them want to get better and go home.