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  1. vegasmomma

    Anyone worked IMC/ step down in Las Vegas

    Thanks so much!
  2. vegasmomma

    Are We Still Holding Back Baby's Head?

    Good point
  3. I've done my time in Med Surg boot camp and I'm looking to progress to critical care. Can anyone share knowledge or experience in step downs in Las Vegas? Pt to nurse ratio, drips allowed, bedside procedures, ancillary support if any, etc. What hospital and typical patient. Are they mostly cardiac pts? Thanks!
  4. vegasmomma

    Should I get med/surg experience before psych?

    I have a friend who started out in med surg before psych where she is now and loves it. Her med surg experience came in handy when she quickly called Dr for ultra sound when an older patient c/o calf pain. He did indeed have a DVT. She credited her prior med surg experience for the catch.
  5. vegasmomma

    What is the market like in Las Vegas

    New grad rate is $26-28 days, $28-31 nights. Not sure what rate is for more exper. Several friends have just been hired in med surg this last month and hospitals are hiring right now.
  6. vegasmomma

    Sad story of an ex-new grad nurse

    I agree with others that keeping focused on work and supporting yourself financially can help you get through this. Apply for psych or dialysis. My friends that work these areas have far less stress, less running around, more specialized focus.
  7. vegasmomma

    Overwhelmed and Fearful

    Ask to extend your preceptorship. What you are feeling is common, most of us felt that way for the first 6-12 months. Stick with it, ask for help, ask questions when in doubt. You will be glad a year from now that you didn't quit.
  8. vegasmomma

    What is it like working on med surg?

    I work days and it feels like a constant race against the clock to complete assessments, meds, accuchecks on time. After lunch it does slow down unless you are slammed with discharges. I actually thrive on the go, go, go. The shift flies by. Some days I do have time to chat with patients, research dz process/ treatments, and give education on a wide variety of topics which is one of my favorite things about Med Surg.
  9. vegasmomma

    Mean People

    I think you should stick with it for your own benefit. Just continually show up, be friendly and get your experience and training. If things dont improve after 24 months move on.
  10. Ok thanks for replying. I have heard the training is good. But I'm curious what meds are usually passed during dialysis? It seems like meds would be held until after so they aren't filtered out or effect blood pressure. Pain meds? Ativan?
  11. I'm considering applying for Davita or other clinic like this but I don't know much about what a dialysis nurse actually does. The techs are the ones who actually hook up patients and run machines right? Can anyone give me ideas on what a nurse might do and give in various scenarios? What do physicians usually order? Etc.
  12. vegasmomma

    LTAC vs MedSurg in hospital

    I am a new grad and considering applying for an LTAC RN job. I'm hoping I can build on my skills and time management without all the crazy dynamics of hospitals with multiple specialist physicians, and multiple departments- lab, CT/radiology, cardiology, etc. Is it true that I will not have to deal with multidiscplinary teams in addition to my patients? I'm thinking it will be smaller scale and less complex than hospitals with only a handful of physicians to get to know...am I right? And, are admissions and discharges done by RNs or administration at LTAC?
  13. vegasmomma

    My first patient death...

    I am level one nursing and I don't know how I would have handled that. You sound like you are in your element for sure...confident while comforting to those around you. Nice job.
  14. vegasmomma

    Shaky hands while doing skills

    Hahaa! This post is perfect timing for me! I just got home from class where I passed vitals skills but was trembling like an earthquake was going on the whole time! I think that the more we practice the calmer and more confident we will be...it will take time and repetition.