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  1. Timeline for NCLEX-PN in California

    Does anyone know the current timeline for the California Nclex-Pn? I took my exit HESI on February 18th, and my paperwork was submitted then. The Board of Vocational Nursing cashed my check on March 6th, but I haven't heard anything from them yet (...
  2. I am currently finishing up Module 1 at the Fresno campus. Module 1 is Nursing Fundamentals, A&P, Nutrition, along with a skills lab. We start our clinicals in April. Good luck!
  3. How much was your LPN/LVN school?

    I am currently attending Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Fresno, CA. The tuition is about $30K. There are some other less expensive programs in my area, but they all have very long waiting lists or lottery's. I wanted to get the program finished s...
  4. 4th day of school, and the instructor hates me...

    EJM99 - thanks for your post. I am a very upbeat happy person, and I DO walk in every day with a positive attitude and a smile. I get along well with all of my classmates (we actually have a great group of students). An update - the school decided...
  5. 4th day of school, and the instructor hates me...

    Rierie, Thanks for your insight. I wish the instructor was more like you!
  6. 4th day of school, and the instructor hates me...

    Thanks everyone for all your comments. As far as what she said incorrectly was that in mitosis the cell divides and the daughter cells have twice the number of chromosomes as the original cell. (Not an exact duplicate)... Some people were writing ...
  7. 4th day of school, and the instructor hates me...

    Thanks for the advice caliotter3. I think you are completely correct, and that's exactly what I will do!
  8. I just started my program, and I've already ****** off my a&p teacher. I just finished my prereq's, so the info is still fresh in my mind. We were discussing cell division, and the teacher made an error. I should have just kept my big mouth shut,...
  9. Hi msnisha - I did take my prereq's at Gurnick, and I wish you lots of good luck in January!
  10. best places to live in fresno, ca

    There are lots of great places to live - just depends on what she likes. Clovis Unified has a great reputation, and she could live in parts of Clovis or Fresno for that district. Fresno is a great community - hope she enjoys it!
  11. I just finished my a&p today! Starting at Gurnick Academy Fresno on Jan 10. It's a 14 month program, and I'm really excited!!!