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  1. Palms and tape recorders- how helpful?

    I think you answered your own question in regards to the tape, if you know you do not have the time or equipment to replay it, it is probably a waste of your time. Ensure that you can use a recording device, some institutions and instructors do not a...
  2. Is anyone an L.P.N. in the Army?

    When did you go through school and where?
  3. What is the minimum active duty signup in the army nurse corps?

    As long as you have it in writing, all is good. If by chance they try and pull a fast one...a contract will put a stop to that. It is a legal binding contract. Good deal and good luck to you!!!
  4. nursing positions

    I was curious and did some research, there is a website for MA's, http://www.aama-ntl.org/# and this is the duty description. So... what do Certified Medical Assistants actually do? Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) have a great amount of variety i...
  5. nursing positions

    Wow, are they licensed? What state do they use MA's in?
  6. nursing positions

    CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse RN - Registered Nurse I have heard of Medical Assistant, and I believe it is the same as a CNA. Training will vary state to state. Also there is specialized training, such as Medication...
  7. Civilians as Employees in Military Hospitals

    You may want to consider agency nursing. Agencies pay pretty well, offer a variety of shifts and positions. As a military dependent you already have medical benefits so you can opt to take the additional pay instead of benefits (some agencies offer b...
  8. Is anyone an L.P.N. in the Army?

    Any recruiter serious about his/her job will not laugh at you, instead they should provide you guidance. You are only 2 years away. They had split options that will allow you to attend basic training, go home after basic, and then return for IET. You...
  9. Is anyone an L.P.N. in the Army?

    tevans95b, kudos for such inspirations!! at 15-years of age, i do not think i had a clue on any kind of career. okay, let me give you a few ideas with the information that you have provided. you have potential and it is all up to you. even with...
  10. Is anyone an L.P.N. in the Army?

    Any break in service longer than 5 years, but you should be okay. If I read your reply right, you have about a one year break from the last break in service. So, your reserve unit is sending you to be a M6, when? Are you a 91W already? If not, that ...
  11. Is anyone an L.P.N. in the Army?

    Armygirl, You will be assigned to D Co, 187th Med Bn. Billeting is provided and you are permitted to bring your POV. D Co doesn't have Drill Sergeants for prior service, just cadre NCO"s. Cell phones and laptops are authorized, but not during schoo...
  12. What is the minimum active duty signup in the army nurse corps?

    http://armynursecorps.amedd.army.mil/ http://www.branchorientation.com/nurse/home.html http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/ http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/obc/index.htm http://www.armymedicine.army.mil/default2.htm http://www-rotc.monroe.army.mil/nurse/Links....
  13. med error

    Mamaa... I would suggest to you that you start writing a statement. You should accurately document all details of the accident. Medication errors are reportable, and depending on the finding can result in suspension and even revocation of a license. ...
  14. Is anyone an L.P.N. in the Army?

    well, i can see that there is as much confusion by others as there is by the recruiters. 91c did not merge with 91w; 91c is now the asi (army skill identifier) m6. what really changed for us...a lot of the ol' 91c's were able finally get promoted, ...