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  1. RoXy16

    Travel vs Full Time in NYC/Bronx/Queens

    It's gonna be a step up for sure. And about the climate, I can always visit FL again. I am not having any luck getting any responses on my post in the PA-nursing thread. Anyway, see you around! Thanks again for the responses. Roxy
  2. RoXy16

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    Great info! I have been working as a licensed RN in FL for about 4 years, looking into moving to PA soon. I submitted my application for license by endorsement to the PA BON, and also placed another CES order through CGFNS since my previous one (the one I used to get my FL license) has expired (wish the CES Report was valid forever because it's super expensive!). Anyway, I do not remember mailing the forms myself to the school when I initally did the CES the first time years ago. Based on what I've read in the CGFNS handbook, website and convos with representatives, I HAVE TO MAIL THE TRANSCRIPT VALIDATION FORM TO MY SCHOOL MYSELF, THEN THE SCHOOL WILL MAIL IT BACK DIRECTLY TO CGFNS FULLY COMPLETED AND SEALED ALONG WITH MY TRANSCRIPTS. So here's my question. Based on experience from anyone here, would my school be responsible for paying the mailing of the forms back to CGFNS? Or do I send a letter along with the forms to my school with some money for the processing and mailing in order to avoid delays? Any advise would be great. Thanks in advance! Oh and as for the License Validation Form - I was told by both the PA BON and CGFNS rep I spoke with that I am not required to send those forms because I am not licensed in the Philippines, and it is not required by the state I'm applying licensure for. So my advise for those applying for CES to carefully look at the requirements of the states you're applying for in order to save yourself some of the trouble. Roxy
  3. Hi all, I am a nurse with 3+ years experience in MedSurg Tele, and almost a year and currently working in ICU. I live in FL now and was planning on moving to Doylestown PA to be closer to family. Any recommendations for good hospitals to work for in the area? Also, what's the ballpark hourly rate? Thanks in advance! Roxy
  4. RoXy16

    Travel vs Full Time in NYC/Bronx/Queens

    Thanks for the link Ned! If I'm going to live in PA I would be working there full time instead of as a travel nurse. You have helped me so much. Thank you for everything! Roxy
  5. RoXy16

    Travel vs Full Time in NYC/Bronx/Queens

    Thank you for the immediate response Ned. Other than money I was hoping to work in NY in order to see my family more as well. I don't know much about travel nursing and the benefits so I have lots of researching to do. Thanks for the info! It would be ideal to stay local and work in PA in and around Philadelphia. Does anyone have any ballpark idea of how much the hourly pay is in that area? I've seen some numbers online but would love to hear from you guys. Thanks in advance. Roxy
  6. Hi all, I am a nurse with 3+ years experience of MedSurg Tele and ICU currently (total 4 years+ experience). I live in Florida and was looking into living closer to family. My family is in Bronx/Queens NY and my husband's family in Doylestown PA. In order to compromise for my husband (who cannot stand NY), I was wondering if it would make sense to do travel nursing in NY but live in PA. Or would it make sense to just work full time in PA if the pay is comparable? Either way the move would be better for me financially because the pay in the area I work in now is on the lower end. Please advise and let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance! Roxy
  7. does anyone know how long your eligiblity lasts before it expires? i took my nclex here in FL and failed..my ATT expired today Dec.13 2010.. how fast before i can re apply again?? tnx!!