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  1. cesia75

    Best Company? - Work at Home

    Hi - I have been going through all the post, but realized there is not a lot recent information about companies that offer work at home opportunities. I am researching companies as I will be moving from Texas to Colorado and I want to try telephone triage. There seems to be a multitude of choices, however wondering if anyone can share which are truly the ones I should spend my time on..... I would like to understand mainly how the training is done, what can be expected for pay, benefits or are we hired as contractors? I appreciate the help!:redpinkhe Cesia
  2. cesia75

    Pre-employment Test for TT R.N/s

    I have....the test was mainly a job fit test. Since triage requires strong critical skills, I also took a clinical assessment test. From what I understand is that these tests help weed out those applicants who are just not a fit for this type of work.
  3. cesia75

    Any actual connections through "Linkedin"?

    LinkedIn is a great way to connect to other professionals, especially those in your field. There are also groups for discussion you can join on topics of interest.
  4. cesia75

    questions to ask potential employer during an interview?

    I love it when nurses understand that they must contribute to the success of the business by asking: To be successful, what qualities and skills can I contribute to the organization?
  5. how about "winky"....setting that poor kid up for lots of jokes.