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  1. simplyjune

    Lonestar 2011 LVN program

    I feel a little behind, but how do you calculate your score for acceptance? Please help :/ thank you
  2. simplyjune

    Lonestar College CNA Program

    Has anyone taken any of the CNA classes at the Lonestar Colleges? I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on classes/clinicals.. Thank you
  3. simplyjune

    San Jacinto College LVN program (North Campus)

  4. simplyjune

    Houston area Hospital hiring LVNS?!?

    Thank you so much. I've love to get in Hermann northeast/west but no luck seeing LVN's on the hire.
  5. simplyjune

    Houston area Hospital hiring LVNS?!?

    Anywhere Houston & Northeast Houston hiring LVNs, as far as hospitals? Thanks :)
  6. I'm currently applying to SJC North Campus, and I was wondering how the classes and teachers are and also where do the clinicals take place? I can not wait to take this course, hopefully I get in *Fingers crossed*