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  1. Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    Looking back to my ER days, I was assaulted more than once in 18 yrs. WIsh I would have reported them. I would report it now if I had it to do all over again. No matter what, you have a right to a safe work environment. I would also fill out an ...
  2. What does your username mean?

    Mine is pretty explanatory. I'm a Nana and my name is Deb! My grandchildren are my pride and joy!!
  3. Scared of MD

    I worked the ER for 18 years. I never let doctor's bully me or talk to me like I was subservient! I did my job and did it well. I had no problems going over a doctor's head and reporting him. I had one gyn that refused to come to the ER to ev...
  4. Merry Christmas Mr. J

    What an inspiration to us all!
  5. Crazy things independent pts have asked of you?

    I had a 20 y/o, one week post appy, being discharged that day, who was incontinent and wanted someone to come in and bath her so she could go home - NOT!! Get up, clean up and go home!! I also do HHC - had a woman s/p AAA - one month post op wher...