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Married with 2 kids; work full-time at a Family Practice clinic. Been a nurse for 7 years

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  1. teefolse

    general education courses for excelsior

    Hi there. If you to the Excelsior website and look under the nursing handbook they have everything you need to know in there. You can also request material and they will send it to you for free. They have all the info you need in there. Let me know if you have any trouble.
  2. teefolse

    Waiting, waiting, waiting............

    You can take NC 1 and 2 without being enrolled, but to go any further, you have to enroll. That's the way it is here in LA anyway. I have taken 1 already and am studying for 2. I just applied for admission and am waiting to hear something. I guess once that's done I'll have to send them my big check for eight hundred and something dollars. I bet they can't wait for that! Ha Ha
  3. teefolse

    Waiting, waiting, waiting............

    Hey... I applied for admission to Excelsior about 2 wks ago and have not heard anything yet. I e-mailed them to see what was the hold up and they said it takes up to 3 wks; although they cashed my check for $65 already. Of Course.... Anyway, I'm like you, just anxiously awaiting. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.
  4. teefolse

    chancellor study guides

    I used Chancellors for A&P and made a B. It's awesome. You don't have to pay $250 for the books; just look on eBay and you'll find them there for about $90 which is not bad considering you CAN pass the test with just this.
  5. teefolse

    chancellor study guides

    I am using Chancellor Study Guides and seem to be doing just fine. I signed up with The College Network, but there study guides are horrendous!!! I bought Chancellor's off of ebay and have passed Micro, A&P, and NC1 so far just using these. They are awesome. I listen to the tapes at night while I am drifting off to sleep. You have to read the Chancellor books at least 3 times to be prepared for the test.

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