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  1. Shon05

    Best shift for a new CNA?

    This fourm has help me when it is time for me to choose a shift. Good job
  2. Shon05

    CNA to a RN

    Thank You so much you have relaxed my mind today for your help. I really love the healthcare field and just wanting to do something more fun and better while I am getting my degree in healthcare Admin.:redbeathe
  3. Thank You. I really want to go through the free training because I heard from a review on the internet of the company that the nursing home offer the training plus you get paid. That sounded to good to be true to me. A lady told me to come put in an application and they will pull it after the first of the year. I am currently a college student getting my associates in Healthcare Admin, and looking to get my fet wet. Puls I am looking to learn spanish on top of that because everywhere I go is looking for a billingal.
  4. Shon05

    CNA to a RN

    I am getting ready to go through training to get my CNA pretty soon. I was wondering what is required to move to the title of a RN?
  5. caliotter3 thank you i will do that. i was afraid that they offer programs for people and then have people work for them for a long period of time and be a scam of some type. thank you
  6. Hey Soxgirl2008 Thank You. How can I find out if the nursing home program is recognized by the state?
  7. Hey Soxgirl2008 Thank You. How can I find out if the nursing home program is recognized by the state?
  8. I'm want to get my CNA through redcross but I have to save up $600.00. I know that if I go through redcross it would be better plus I don't have to go through 6 months or 1 year to get certified. My question is how to know if the nursing home is accepted by the broad of nursing? I don't want to think that I will get my CNA title and find out at the end that I can not take the test because of the nursing. I hope that you can understand my question. Thank you so much for your help.