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  1. PACT TEAM RN- any info

    I am a PACT Team Nurse in NJ and I can honestly tell you that it's the greatest job in the world! Hope you applied for and got the job! God bless!
  2. Nursing is pathetic...

    Yes I would! Despite all the reasons everyone has given to the contrary, because I truly believe nursing is a vocation. Yes it feels good to be paid and to be recognized but there is something quite extraordinary about it. It's a spiritual thing. I h...
  3. Hey what a great question! Sorry but I'm ashamed to say NO! I guess that I have been a nurse too long and I know how little it takes to make a serious mistake. I would be praying to God the whole time and hope there was an experienced, happy, refresh...
  4. Nursing Shortage

    First of all, I do believe that there is a shortage and it's going to get worse before it get's better. I believe it's partially due to hospitals themselves cutting back on personnel to save money, and also because there is a high turnover of nurses ...