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ellenrn2000 has 18+ years experience and specializes in Internal + family medicine, ICU, psych.

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  1. ellenrn2000

    Chamberlain Nurse Educator MSN Program???

    Hi meagang, I'll start Chamberlain's online MSN informatic next month. Just a curiosity, how many of the Chamberlain's MSN core courses were you able to receive credit from UMass Amherst's DNP? Thanks, and good luck.
  2. ellenrn2000

    NCLEX Preparation

    Hey you guys if you have a Twitter account, you should add @AplusNCLEX, it provides 5 free daily Tweets and I think some webinar NCLEX is coming soon.
  3. ellenrn2000

    UAB vs USA

    Hi 92mxmom, thank you for the detailed experience at USA. I am a California licensed FNP and now looking to obtain my DNP after 5 years in practice. So, searching through the USA website, it appears for someone in my situation, it would require a 36...
  4. ellenrn2000

    University of South Alabama Fall 2010 anyone??

    Hi CrazyDNP, just wondering how your experience at USA has been? I am thinking about applying for fall'2011 and taking an on-line program makes me a little nervous. I guess besides study, I just want to know how supportive are the faculty at USA ar...
  5. ellenrn2000

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    Also, since I am a licensed FNP, how long would it take to complete the DNP program at USA, and does the school give advance credit? I searched in the USA FAQ and it does not address this question...and have yet to respond an reply e-mail from the s...
  6. ellenrn2000

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    I too am interested in USA's DNP program. I am a licensed FNP in California, but felt pressured to have the "DNP" for my teaching job. USA seems to be the most affordable and since it is mostly on-line it suits best for my current lifestyle. Sear...