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    CUNY colleges NYC (Kaplan exam)

    Hi Dayana. I went to Cuny for 2yrs. I know you said you were interested in transferring to a Cuny school. I attended BCC and it was horrible. I don't recommend any attending Cuny schools at all. Cuny students from every campus transfer all the time to other schools. The tuition is very inexpensive but in the end it is not worth the headache. I was looking into Cochran and Beth Isreal before I moved to atlanta this year. I don't want to discourage you b/c everyone has to walk their own path just be very aware when dealing with Cuny. They make you take classes that are not shown in their curriculum. they used to make you sit for NLN exam which is extremely hard maybe thats why they changed exams. Anyway best wishes to you. P.S. is there anyone who can give me some insight to the 2yr. nursing schools in Atl? I would really appreciate it.