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  1. 9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    Great article I just started training as an OR nurse and this was helpful.
  2. Thanks for the advice!!! I will look into this because those books are pretty pricey!
  3. I was just hired for an operating room internship as well!!!! I will learn to circulate and scrub and I am very excited:x3:. My training program is 6 months with 4-5 weeks didactic and at least 24 hrs hands on within these weeks. What books do you a...
  4. Right my thing is when does it get better because experienced nurses on my floor run around like chickens as well. The other my Co worker said everyone seems so stressed and it's true. It is such a thankless profession. I think if the patients appr...
  5. Hello AN!! I am a new grad nurse haven't been to active lately on here because of my new job. I have been on a Med surg unit with oncology overflow for the past 5 months and WHOO it has been an experience. To start THE GOOD: I am learning a lot of ne...
  6. Hand Off Report

    Hello AN, I am a very new nurse and I notice many things I am not strong on yet way more to nursing than nursing school LOL. But I notice when I give hand off report I seem to be all over the place and the oncoming nurse looks at me a lot in confusio...
  7. Good Pop-Up but still Failed?

    PVT worked for me I took my test June 19 got the good pop up an hr after i tested my name was on the BON the next morning same for my classmates
  8. RN License # on DORA, nothing from Pearson Vue

    The Florida board posted my license number before as well!!
  9. Items a new nurse needs 1st day of work!!!

    Thank you all for your responses!!!! I will be sure to make sure I have these items and not fall for the bait with the cute bag LOL!!!!!!!!! And at been there done that im already ready in my mind to learn as much as i can I hope i have a great prece...
  10. Hello AN, Im a new RN and I have landed a job at the hospital on a Med/Surg floor!! I am excited but freakin out all the same LOL. What do I need other that my stethoscope and stuff. Should i get that cute nurse bag to have all of my stuff in do I re...
  11. florida hospital or orlando health for new grad pay

    Hello I was recently picked for the new Grad program I interviewed for 2 locations I got the email saying I wasnt picked for one But I ended up being offered another position at another location. So dont feel discouraged another campus might pick you...
  12. Failed Nclex 1st try

    I am so sorry but it is ok to feel this way FOR NOW!! Go through your grieving process and then you pick it back up!!!!! God didn't bring you this far you will be successful just study differently this time go to a review are you strong on content? D...
  13. Passed NCLEX and YES PV Trick works!!!

    Thanks you all so it really is an amazing feeling i still cant believe it!!!!
  14. Passed NCLEX and YES PV Trick works!!!

    You should be fine the pop up trick is very accurate!!
  15. Florida hospital orlando july/august 2014 nurse residency

    @mo16 we all get orientation together July 14 orlando campus you should have an email