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LordErrorProne-RN has 1 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg/ER/Mat.

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  1. LordErrorProne-RN

    When will I ever get time management?

    what i find most new nurses try to achieve is a strict routine. that is honestly a giant mistake in my opinion; if you make a rigid schedule for yourself you end up setting yourself up for failure. the best thing i find is make a very general guideline for your day. if you don't leave enough wiggle room then it all falls apart when u get an admission or when your patient goes down the tubes. when i plan my day i seperate it into thing i MUST do and things i should do and things that if i do would be icing on the cake. musts usually include meds dressings dr orders and the such. shoulds usually include showering, teaching etc. and extras are like talking to the pt and their family, doing things that nursing school tells you to do therapeutic touch just things that you can do when u have extra time in your day. if you organize your day like that then when u get an admission you cut out the extras and when your pt goes down the tubes you cut out the shoulds. when you have to cut the musts then its time to look into drooping some patient load cause you cant cope like that.
  2. LordErrorProne-RN

    Rules for Triage

    i had a pt come in for some non-sensical pain that she couldn't pin point an event leading up to the pain. got sent back to the waiting room. 30 mins later i get another sheet printed out with the same name as the pt i triaged ... IT WAS THE SAME LADY, she got tired of waiting so she RE-REGISTERED
  3. LordErrorProne-RN

    30 bucks an hour starting salary???

    yea i started at 29.36, now im 29.73 or something like that i think this applies to all of ontario hospitals currently with ONA
  4. LordErrorProne-RN

    Does suctioning trach's ever get easier?

    Everything gets easier... to do, you get so profficient at it u can do it backwards upside down eating a banana and toasting marshmallows. BUT will it get less .... aggravating to your stomach, MAYBE... depends on you. for me I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT EVER EVER EVER get past ostomies ... i am so fricken good at them i can clean, replace and put a new one on in less than 15 mins ... AND that sucker stays on for my whole 2days 2 nights rotation.
  5. LordErrorProne-RN

    Stressed out to the max

    nevermind lol its silly, ill figure it out, sorry about the empty thread
  6. LordErrorProne-RN

    Medication Errors?

    This is what i do, and by no way am i saying thats what the text book way to do it is, its just what works for me. IF i decide to push a med and taking into account all the things u need to know in order to push a med i would draw up a flush and a med in a syringe and on the med syringe ill stick a red med label... or whatever colour they are where you work, even if i dont fill out the med label ill know which is which .... now that being said if i am going in there with a neb AND an IV med u better believe the med labels will at least have the med name on them. that being said it is possible to make an error and give it IV, what would happen to the patient?? the simplest thing i can think of is tachycardia, and it can be alot worse with much worse cardiovascular complications not to mention resp complications... .hope that gives some light to the issue??
  7. LordErrorProne-RN

    Lethal injection nurse???

    LAWL thats the most absurd thing EVER, .... what ... are they worried they are gonna have the iv go interstitial
  8. LordErrorProne-RN

    Any guys with visible tattoos?

    if they cloned you, and one of you had tattoos and the other didn't and you both applied to the same job, more likely than not the you without will get the job. as unfair as it is, looks do have an effect.
  9. LordErrorProne-RN

    preceptor/preceptee, hanging by a thread.

    Thank you all for the advice, as for my orientation time, its a way away from ending, she just said that if i was working on my own and the only RN on cause we were short i would take this and another admission just cause they would be critical care and the wouldnt fall within the RPN's scope. as for my time organization, i try my best to consolidate my tasks before i go in the room if i have to get vitals ill do a dressing if i have to give medications ill do my 2nd set of vitals, and try to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, but i just am not famliar with paperwork. they dont teach it to me in school and its a whole lot of work i have little experience with. granted i have done the work before but when i make a mistake she just gets mad at me. they switched my first preceptor, when i asked why they just told me that it is because they wanted me to get more experience on other floors. then the preceptor i went with told me that is a lie, when i asked again they told me the same thing, i didnt want to bring up the preceptors name so she wouldnt get in trouble to so i left it at that. then my 2nd preceptor switched because she had to move to another floor, and i was left with this preceptor. i am so frustrated with this whole ordeal, i dont know if its just that i dont organize my day exactly the same way they do, but i dont find doing someone's bath a top priority if it can wait, i would do assessments first and vitals give morning meds THEN do a bed bath where as some of the nurses here do their bedbaths as soon as the person wakes up. i just dont know what else to do
  10. LordErrorProne-RN

    preceptor/preceptee, hanging by a thread.

    general tips on what you expect out of your preceptee, that sort of thing
  11. LordErrorProne-RN

    preceptor/preceptee, hanging by a thread.

    Hi all First id like to say that this may seem paranoid on my part but i dont know where else to ask where people wont just run off and tell my preceptor of what i said, dont get me wrong i'm not assuming that everyone gossips but i tried to ask another nurse on the floor if she knew anything about the situation, she said no and then later my preceptor brought it up. so without further delay here is my problem, i graduated recently and got a job in a tiny broke town, figure id start wherever till i have experience to move up. i started eager to learn, in school they go over how to do a dressing lab values and that sort of thing right. well thats great but they never went over all the paper work, arrangements, med-vacs, and the little things that make up most of a nurses day. so here i am in this setting which i didnt do my clinical in, and my preceptor is getting frustrated i cant keep up with her pace. i feel apologies would land on deaf ears here since they wont make me faster when i did apologized she smiled at me and told me oh its ok, you will get faster with time, i felt so much better then but to this day she still makes comments that indirectly tell me im too slow for her pace. today i felt like i was treated like yesterdays left over's i had 5 pt's 3 of which where super heavy, and 1 was pretty much 1:1 care. so its 4 am i finally sat down to do my chart checks and she comes up to me and she says those were suppose to be done by 12, i tried to explain my self to which she replied, i know and smiled. 5 mins later she comes up to me and says i dont care how slammed you are you are takeing the next admission. i didnt argue because that would have been a loseing battle. so the short of it is... im burned, i dont take breaks i dont eat lunch dinner snack, im grinding on metal here. i have no idea where to go from here. any advice is greatly appreciated... please dont mind the spelling.
  12. LordErrorProne-RN

    verbal abuse from patient

    OMG, let me tell something that ull find funny but is a reality where i work. so our ... sub manger .. the person who works under the unit manger, came to our report and sat and listened when we were done she had a little vocal diarrhea and said that what most nurses do a monkey can do... everyone looked at her funny and her reply was when she first started nurseing they threw her in and gave her a book to read, and she is sick of us asking for teaching... soo being called a monkey by a pt would b a compliment but being called a monkey by ur superior thats something
  13. LordErrorProne-RN

    To the Excellent Experienced Nurses...

    i dont know if its just head space error with me or something, but i find it incredibly difficult to understand how you ladies operate, like for the past 5 years i have tried to operate as a women but i just cant get it down pat. like ive had different instructors and different preceptors that "try" to help me by telling me what to do next, thats all well and fine but its just not how my i organize my day, i know someone will jump to the conclusion that well clearly you arent organizing your self right. ill give you an example, one day i was sitting and charting cause i had a fricken insane morning with 4 fully dependent pt's that needed to get either to xray or pt or whatever the case may b, so my clinical instructor walks up to me and says " you should go see why that bell is ringing" in my head im like i have my own work to do if i was sitting sucking on a lolipop watching cartoons then yea i would go answer the bell but i had 4 peoples charting to get done before the doctor's came. another example is something that happens to me ALL the time, so im getting stuff to do a dressing, my preceptor walks in and says did u do blah blah, im like no but im clearly in the middle of getting my dressing done, but if you think giving out my meds an hour before they are due just cause i can is the best course of action then yea ok ill do it. anywho to make things short, one nurse tells the next nurse that i dont prioritize and i end up looking like the disorganized fool im made to look like? do u see where im going with this?
  14. LordErrorProne-RN

    Needle gauges...

    Thanks IVRUS Yea, you are right. i was just thinking about it from the stand point of where i work -surgical/obs- where i try to start with an 18 guage because you never know when someone is going to need a bolus, but ya i did some more research into it and transfusion time will determine what gage you will use, if its rapid then a 16-18 gauge is recommended if its slow then a 20-22 is recommended if its peds then 23-25 is recommended.
  15. LordErrorProne-RN

    Needle gauges...

    I could be wrong but so far as im aware you are not allowed to run blood through a gauge less than 18, the gauge isnt based on how fast you will be running it. packed cells should never be run through a 24 -22 even for a pediatric pt, cause the blood cells get damaged being forced through that small of a gauge which if you are transfusing the pt you would end up doing them worse than if u didnt transfuse because now the liver has to take care of all those broken cells. however if you are running plasma or volume expanders then yea you can go with a smaller gauge. To OP the only 2 things i have mixed in a syringe for push is gravol and morphine, and insulin. as for gauge, i usually will use a 1 1/2 22 gauge, unless you are giving a thick fluid then you would have to go bigger like 20. i try my best to avoid 18 since its like putting a tube in someone's thigh. Hope that helped, please correct me if im wrong i would like to learn too.