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  1. southern_rn_brat

    Need Help FAST Please. RE: Inappropriate discharge

    I hope you come back and let us know what happened. I really commend you on being honest here. It's a tough situation. Even though it isn't nursing's fault that the patient has racked up the bill, it's nursing's job to take care of it. typical corporate crap:uhoh3: you know what they are wanting you to do is wrong though. stand up for yourself and your patient. your license is not worth losing for the company. We had a patient that nobody wanted. it took us MONTHS to find a place to send her. It's frustrating when you have a patient eating into your budget that way but they still have to be cared for. I think the facility should have to pay for the patient's meds if she cant. As long as she is there she has to be cared for. Does the doc know she hasnt had her meds? If you dont have orders to d/c all her meds then you better get her some meds pronto. Where is social services and administration in all this? I love what the poster said about getting it in writing. That still won't save you from the BON though. wow what a situation. so sorry for you!
  2. southern_rn_brat

    What is it with the nurses in LTC?

    omg i almost peed
  3. southern_rn_brat

    No Respect for LTC nurses?

    Great thread! I have worked LTC for 15 years. It's amazing how rude people can be when they make statements to you about working in a "nursing home". Just last night I was at dinner at a Japanese restaurant. There were some people at my table that were actually from my home town. One of the women asked me what I did now and when I told her RN she was like "oh?? where do you work" and when I told her LTC her face just dropped like she felt sorry for me. She even asked me if I had ever worked in a real hospital. a real hospital? like my job is fake? geez lol The truth is I HAVE worked in a real hospital lol. after 6 months I went back to my sad nursing home job lol I think just like some people are destined to work in trauma or with children...some of us are destined to do LTC. I know I am! and I am darned proud of it too!
  4. southern_rn_brat

    Does anyone really enjoy LTC?

    I understood what you meant jessi lol. I feel the same way. It is important for me too. I've worked in LTC for 15 years...4 as a CNA and 11 as RN. I took time off to work in a hospital once and was miserable. I loved my LTC. I think it is a calling though. There is no in between. You either love it or hate it, IMO. I love it!
  5. southern_rn_brat

    Smoking in LTC

    I dont think anyone can MAKE you go outside with the smokers. I have CNAs that refuse to do it but there is always someone that smokes that will go. I just recently quit smoking myself, almost 6 months, and I don't want to take them outside either. The hard part of that is telling all the residents that come to me to go smoke. they cant believe i quit. that being said...as the house supervisor, I suppose if everyone refused to take them I would have to. but I can sit across the porch so I dont have to breathe it so much. but no way would i expect any of my nonsmoking staff to do it. no way.
  6. southern_rn_brat

    Can U Explain the difference? pleeease??

    great thread!!
  7. southern_rn_brat

    What is in your lunch box?

    I keep single pack oatmeal at work for breakfast. I usually take a turkey sandwich for lunch and we make a salad. for snacks I have a peanut butter sandwich about 4pm. raisins, nuts, fruits, yogurts for snacks. Im trying to get healthy and lose weight. I also found this great site www.thedailyplate.com it's an online free food diary...calculates your calories taken in and burned out. it's my new best friend.
  8. southern_rn_brat

    Pt dies on BSC today

    I had a patient pass Sunday after having a BM. The code was unsuccessful. It was horrible. Before she went to the bathroom she was telling us how she was having the best day she had had since she had been hospitalized. She had just fixed her hair and picked out her clothes for the day.
  9. southern_rn_brat

    Crazy Thing Pts Say or Do

    no wait I have one more lol Recently had a patient in for therapy. he was definitely a hoot. I took him out to smoke one day and we got to talking about him being in prison. I knew he had been in for money laundering. He tells me this long story about prison and how he was in Alcatraz and was there when it closed. he told me stories and even named men he'd been in there with. It freaked me out. He told me stories about using tommy guns for the mob. I told the other staff something like "omg be nice to him he was in alcatraz!!!" I want you to know he was lying and didnt tell me the truth for 6 months I took him out to smoke one day and he just started dying laffing and told me he had lied to me and that I had believed him so much that he let me believe it for months. lol I whacked him on his head lol
  10. southern_rn_brat

    Crazy Thing Pts Say or Do

    ok one more and I'll quit lol My husband was a CNA when I met him. One night he was taking care of his favorite demented patient. He stood him up and was changing his pants. When my hubby pulled his pants down, the patient said "you are a FINE american!" When my husband couldnt get this patient to sleep he would call me (in the middle of the night lol) and give the patient the phone. I would talk to him forever lol. We had some of the best conversations about absolutely nothing because he had dememtia lol. My husband would leave him with the phone talking to me and come back later and get him to get off the phone and go to bed lol. we talked so many times that after a while the patient had no idea who I was but he knew my voice on the phone and would ask me how I was or what I was doing lol. sometimes he would just hand my hubby the phone to dial the number. He was so funny! and his roommate thought we were still in WWII and lined up balls of BM on his bed and thought they were grenades.
  11. southern_rn_brat

    Crazy Thing Pts Say or Do

    oh and then there was John. lol omg He was a new admit to the LTC. I admitted him on the evening shift and then came back in on the day shift the next morning. 730 in the morning I am outside his room, with my back to his door, getting his meds together. All the sudden there was a trash can on my head, someone SLAMMED it down on my head and said "there! i finally got the b!tch" it was john omg hahaha thank God and greyhound that housekeeping had cleaned his room allready and emptied the trash!!! I changed jobs a few months later and about a month after that his wife moved him to my new facility. He would get up all night long and we couldnt control him until one of the night nurses found out he was a retired senator. after that the nurse would tell him he had session in the morning and needed his rest and john would go to bed! lol The first time I saw him when he came to my new facility I yelled OMG HIDE THE TRASH CAN
  12. southern_rn_brat

    Crazy Thing Pts Say or Do

    Oh this thread made me remember Mabel I worked in LTC (still do lol) and it was my first job. One day I went in to see mabel and she was upset. She told me she was pregnant. You can imagine my suprise when I asked her who the father was and she told me she didnt know. She said "how am I going to tell my kids". I said "your kids? how am I going to tell your GRANDKIDS?" lol I swear we had to get the doc to pretend to do a pregancy test on her to convince her she wasnt pregnant. Mabel was probably about 85 at the time. lol Another day Mabel got mad at us "kids" (she thought the staff were all kids, sometimes we were her grandkids lol). She was mad at us because we had left the porch light on (it was the hall light that never went out lol). She told me that we were running her electric bill up and she wasnt putting up with it anymore and she told me that she knew we let "those" boys in the house too. (male staff members lol). So at that time, she called us into her room one at a time and promptly fired everyone of us! She told me "take those keys from around your neck and go home" lmao. (the nurses wore our keys on a neck chain thing) I swear I was dying lol and she fired EVERYBODY lol
  13. southern_rn_brat

    C'mere and share your on-the-job laughs!

    This made me almost pee
  14. southern_rn_brat

    Back injury: stories & support for an injured RN

    Back pain here too. It's horrible! The pain from a pinched sciatic nerve is the worst pain I've ever had. I start physical therapy monday. Tell me it will work guys! I'm doing pool therapy first. I feel for all of us with back pain.
  15. southern_rn_brat

    Uninsured=financial ruin

    My first husband got very ill and had to go on disablility about 6 months after we got married. I was 23 years old. While waiting for his social security disability to be approved we applied for assistance. The caseworker at the state SSI office (whoever that was I dont remember) actually told us to get a divorce so he would qualify. My government told me to get a divorce so they could help me. That is so wrong.
  16. southern_rn_brat

    Is LTC really this bad?

    lol I would love to give some family members "the pillow"