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  1. Hi, I am five feet tall, 145lbs, D-cup, with incredibly narrow shoulders and fluffier upper arms. Most scrub tops don't fit right. My clinic is pretty flexible in terms of uniform, so I've been wearing regular tops (mostly Raglan, without the shoulder seam), but I miss the convenience (pockets!) and honestly the psychological feeling that actual scrubs give me. Are there any of you out there who are shaped like me, and what brands of scrub tops have you liked? Thank you so much!
  2. applesaucesm

    RN-BSN versus RN-MSN

    Hi, I've only posted here one other time, and that was two years ago when I was first beginning my nursing journey. I have since graduated with my ADN, passed boards, survived a 5 month stint at a nursing home, and recently started a new job in pediatric home care, which I love. At this point I'm starting to think about going back to school, but am not sure which way to go. My short term goals are uncertain, but I know that some day in the future I will want to teach and may want a DNP. Many of my former classmates are enrolling in online BSN completion programs, and while I've considered that, I have a BA in Communication, and part of me says, might as well have a Master's Degree in nursing, not a second Bachelor's level. So now I'm thinking RN-MSN. But there are so many options with 100% online programs popping up at every corner!! I'm completely missing the forest for the trees. Has anyone had good experiences getting into and through any RN-MSN programs? Any advice on choosing one? Which programs are in good standing with hospitals/clinics? Please weigh in! Thank you so much!!! yana
  3. Hi, I'm new here and could really use some help with reformulating my care plan. My 61 y.o. long-term care patient's med dx include metastatic lung cancer, and assessments show him to have immunosuppression from chemo/radiation treatments, 5 areas of existing skin breakdown, immobility, poor nutritional status, a Foley cath, and an impaired LOC (a/o x1). My nursing dx for him was Risk for Infection r/t inadequate primary and secondary defenses, malnutrition, indwelling catheter, invasive procedures and metastatic cancer. My interventions for him included skin assessment using the Braden scale, vital signs assessment, repositioning q2h, and nutritional support (offering fluids for hydration and Ensure as per existing POC for protein calorie supplementation). What I'm having problems with, is phrasing my outcomes. I know we're supposed to phrase them in the context of "pt will..." and they have to be measurable directly by the interventions, but beyond that I'm not sure where to go. My initial thought was that the only thing I can realistically do for this guy is try to catch any early s/s of infection (aeb inflammation signs and fever/increased BP/increased resp), rationale being that the sooner infection is caught the sooner treatment can begin and the more likely a positive outcome. I'm not sure how to phrase all that in a "pt will..." outcome format. I'd like to incorporate all my interventions into my care plan, but I'm only allowed 2 outcomes and they both have to be specific and measure a single factor. I guess I've just got too much information that I'm trying to fit into too narrow a mold. Any ideas by experienced people would be very much appreciated!! Thanks! yana