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  1. OutdoorRN

    My best orientation mistakes

    I laugh out loud a little bit when I think of a certain silly thing I did in orientation... I had checked an ER patient in all by myeslf, assessed her, inserted a large bore IV for a bolus, collected blood. I was feeling pretty good about myself when I was quickly brought back down to Earth. I went to change out the bag of saline that I erroneously took for empty by pulling the spike from the still hung (and full with about 100CC) bag. I immediately realized the error when the fluid still in the bag came spilling out all over myself and the floor. I'm sure I turned 5 shades of red but the patient got a good laugh out of it!
  2. OutdoorRN

    2 weeks notice

    Have you suggested getting another preceptor? Maybe there is someone who can train you with a differnt tactic?
  3. OutdoorRN

    PLEASE HELP I need Brutal Honesty!!!!

    My issue with your question is not your weight. My issue is that you are questioning your ability to perform. Yes, the job is hard... but if you already think you might not be able to do it, you are setting yourself up for failure! Seems to me like you have an opportunity to help people and get a job but you don't really want it. I think this might be a better question for yourself. Get certified, build a resume, apply for a job, accept a position and work you butt off! The question of failure will not be your weight. If you want it bad enough, you will succeed.