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  1. Hello! I am a soon-to-be new RN graduate. As with many other new grads, I am in the process of submitting resumes and hoping for a call for an interview. I want to prepare myself as much as possible for the interview. I would love to have responses with possible interview questions I should be prepared to answer. If you know of any good websites to look at when preparing for an interview that would also be great! I appreciate any help!
  2. I am hoping someone can clear up this issue for me! I am finishing up my last semester in an ADN program. Graduation is December 16th! 🙂 In school we are taught when giving IM injections to aspirate first to check for blood return. If it is clear you give the injection. Is this true when giving an IM injection in the deltoid? I am feeling confused about this because I did a free flu vaccination clinic and the RN (who is also the school's LPN instructor) told us that when giving an injection in the deltoid there is no need to aspirate. The other day I was giving an IM injection and my preceptor told me you always aspirate with any IM injection, but she couldn't find a hospital policy on this. So which way is the correct procedure? I appreciate any reply on this matter!