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  1. cam159

    Washington Hospital Center July 2011

    If you get fingerprints onsite in DC is it processed quicker? and if so about how long? I would rather just drive there to get them done if it will take less time. Because you have to wait for your license to come back to schedule a date for your nclex correct?
  2. cam159

    Washington Hospital Center July 2011

    Does anyone know what the commitment is for the residency program? And does that commitment start after orientation or from when you start?
  3. cam159

    Washington Hospital Center July 2011

    okay thanks!! anyone know how bad the commute would be from Northern Va? Im thinking arlington area.... Also, do we need fingerprints when applying for a DC license? I didn't see that on the website.
  4. cam159

    Washington Hospital Center July 2011

    Anyone know the best places to live in DC /VA/Maryland for the commute to WHC....thats also reasonably priced? Also, are there metro stops near WHC? Thank you!!
  5. cam159

    Ashamed of nursing school

    also people say nurses get paid well because in comparison to a lot of other entry level jobs they do.
  6. cam159

    i got a job!

  7. book a trip to mexico hahhaa not. but i do want to travel !!
  8. do it full time and get it done with, def not something you want to drag out! goodluck!
  9. cam159

    Is it just me or......

    Academically I do not think nursing school is very hard but in combination with long clinical shifts it becomes stressful , but I agree I think a lot of people are overly dramatic about how hard it is.
  10. cam159

    What did you struggle with most in nursing school?

    normal lab values
  11. I cant stand that commercial !!!
  12. cam159

    Anatomy harder than nursing school classes?

    It completely depends on your teacher, I was lucky and had an awesome A&P teacher. But I would def say that A&P is one of the harder classes in nursing school because its alllll memorizing! goodluck!
  13. cam159

    new graduate research nurse

    Thank you so much for your reply!
  14. cam159

    New grad jobs in healthcare consulting

    Thank you so much for your replies!
  15. cam159

    Best new grad residency programs

    Hello ObtundedRN! I actually haven't made enough posts to use PM- I am new to this site. I would like to know the name of the hospital with 8 months in the icu, that would be perfect. You can email me at cam159@pitt.edu. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it !! Thank you everyone for your help!! It is greatly appreciated.
  16. cam159

    Best new grad residency programs

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best new grad nurse/residency programs ? I am looking for a program with the longest orientation possible because I am graduating this spring and do not feel prepared to be a nurse! I am looking for all the education/ orientation I can get! I am also willing to relocate anywhere in the country. Thanks in advance!! :)