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    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    I've been working at a SNF for 4 months now and I feel like it is not getting any easier. I leave every night feeling guilty about something I didn't get to or worrying that I did something wrong. I have 28-32 residents and I'm struggling. Every day I make some sort of mistake and I never leave work feeling good about my job. I cry every night over something that happened whether it be snotty coworkers, med error, or just the general stress of the job. Everyone says that the first year is hard but it's almost unbearable. I'm learning that the stress of the job is ruining my quality of life. Are there any branches of nursing that are more rewarding than stressful? I just don't think I'm cut out for long term care.
  2. I'm a new RN in a PM position at a long term care facility. I had 7 days of orientation now I've been on my own for 3 weeks. I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed with having so many residents (25-30). I do have a med tec who helps with my med passes which is wonderful. I'm more insecure about my assessment skills and when to contact a physician. I'm learning so much as I go but I'm afraid that I'm going to miss a key sign/symptom on a resident. Everyday I'm leaving feeling like I should have done more but I'm running around like crazy during my entire shift. Any advice on how to survive in LTC and key areas to focus on is appreciated.