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BabyNurse1969 specializes in NICU, M/B, PEDS.

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  1. BabyNurse1969

    Did your Docs get you a Christmas gift or recognize your work?

    I work in a smallish NICU. We have a doctor on staff 24 hours a day. The MD on staff on Christmas bought the day shift lunch. The night shift, as always, got diddly. If anything came to the floor (snacks, treats, etc.) the day shift took all of it and left crumbs for the night shift. Literally, crumbs. Um hello? We work here, too. I guess it is just me, but if I were the ANM on duty I would put some aside and say, "this is for the night shift." But that's just me.
  2. "Can you please just tell me what you want me to bring you over the intercom when I ask is there anything I can bring you, instead of saying I need to ask you something, only to be asked for a blanket/pain med/juice/water when I get to your room? It would make both our lives run alot smoother, and you would get what you want a lot quicker. Thanks ever so much." Love and rockets. W.
  3. BabyNurse1969

    asking for meds?

    As an aside....why do people have to be so darned snippy with each other?
  4. Part time is one night per week for classes, and clinicals on Saturday during the day. Part time program takes 1.5 semesters longer to complete than full time. Full time requires several days per week commitment for classes and clinicals. At the time I went Homestead was not an option, so I have no info for that. I have tried 3 times to respond to this but comments keep disappearing. Please free to private message me. Best of luck. W.
  5. BabyNurse1969

    Lexington....Travel or relocate?

    Thanks for the info. W. )
  6. Yeah...that. Ooops. Back to cultural sensitivity training for me. And I am married to a Puerto Rican. Double oops. :)
  7. BabyNurse1969

    Lexington....Travel or relocate?

    Hi, I am a NICU nurse in Miami, and I am looking to relocate to Lexington next year. I also have experience in Mother/Baby and Pediatrics. This is a second attempt to relocate to Lexington. We tried a couple of years ago, but house issues kept us trapped here. Does anyone know of a travel nurse agency that places in Lexington hospitals? Should I travel (to get my foot in the door) or should I just jump in with both feet, and relocate? Also, while I am hoping to score a position at UK, does anyone have any recommendations for NICU's or children's hospitals in the area? Thanks in advance. Wendy :)
  8. I don't think South Asian has anything to do with it. Sometimes it depends on the culture or age of the patient. Sometimes if a patient is older they will assume you are the doctor, just because you are male. Here in Miami we have a huge Spanish population, and they always tend to assume all male nurses (or in my husband's case EMT) are doctors. Just old chauvinistic assumptions. Woman = nurse, Man = doctor. Pffttt!!!! W. )